Heart failure can be controlled

By | June 3, 2017

Heart failure may seem frightening, but it doesn’t mean that the heart will stop functioning. Heart failure generally is a treatable condition. It means that the heart is weak and not pumping blood as it should. Because blood is not pumped properly to organs such as the kidneys or brain, they receive less oxygen. In addition, because the heart does not pump properly, fluids tend to deposit in the lungs or other body parts such as legs.
Over time the heart gets tired and starts to become increasingly less effective. At this time appear symptoms such as fatigue and weakness. Blood begins to stagnate in vessels in reaching to the heart, causing fluid accumulation in the lungs and shortness of breath.

Suggestive symptoms for heart failure

Heart failure is a complication that can occur in the evolution of any cardiovascular disease. There are some symptoms suggestive of the disease, namely: the sensation of breathlessness, with frequent breathing, which initial occurs at effort, then at rest, fatigue and the appearance of progressive bilateral leg edema (No – painless swelling resulted from accumulation of serous fluid in tissues), edema is not reabsorbed during the night.

Heart failure may have a milder form or a more serious

Most cardiologists classify heart failure, depending on its severity, as belonging to one of four categories: functional class I, II, III or IV. These classes are a way of measuring the severity of heart failure patients based on symptoms that they found during their usual activities. Patients in classes I and II can live long without knowing that they have heart failure. Some of them may have some symptoms during physical activity. Patients in classes III and IV may have trouble breathing when performing simple, routine, such as to go to check their mailbox or to climb a few steps. The majority of class IV patients can be kept in bed almost all day because they feel too weak for having to carry out even simple tasks like going from one room to another.

What can be done to treat heart failure?

In most cases heart failure is a chronic and progressive disease. This means it can be treated and stabilized, but is a long-term disease. Lifestyle changes such as the food less salty, sufficient rest, exercise in moderation are also important in the treatment of heart failure. In some cases surgery or cardiac resynchronization therapy can also help. Treatment depends on the cause of heart failure, disease type, severity of symptoms and how well the body manages to compensate.
Recommendations regarding lifestyle of patients with heart failure include:
– Monitoring of liquids consumed
– Reduction of salt intake
– Make an exercise program under the guidance of a physician
– Normalization of weight for obese patients
– Quitting smoking because it increases the risk of heart disease
– Avoiding alcohol abuse
– Effective control of blood pressure: dosed physical exertion, avoiding alcohol abuse and stress

Calivita natural supplements recommended in heart failure

– An improvement in peripheral and central blood flow can be obtained with Mega Protect 4Life supplement that contains a natural complex of antioxidants, Coenzyme Q10 and plant extracts such as Ginkgo Biloba and Cranberry.

– Omega 3 fatty acids already have an irreplaceable reputation to protect against cardiovascular disease due to their improvement effects in heart rate, elimination of depression, protection against cellular oxidation, and ability to impede the triggering of heart diseases.

– Garlic is a natural remedy of great value in many conditions because of natural antibiotic property, in improvement of cardiovascular function and reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides levels. Consumption of Garlic Caps supplement is beneficial especially in hypertension and obesity.

– Vitamins, minerals and herbs in Cholestone supplement composition reduce and maintain cholesterol within normal limits, thus reducing the number of underlying diseases.

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