3 Types Of Amazing Stress Relief Toys

By | June 22, 2017

Toys: Introduction

You may question the purpose of stress relief toys. Surely in the big, grown up world of work, such childish items as toys are to be discouraged. However, playing with stress relief toys is a must if the workforce is to remain positive and productive. Stress relief toys are also good for improving brain storming sessions as they can help the mind concentrate.

Simple Toys

One of the most popular stress relief toys is the squeezy, pressure ball type. These can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some rather grim and ghoulish such as maggoty slime and skulls with popping eye balls. These types of stress relief toys are good for relieving the twichy, tension hands that are often exhibited in stress. Another, simple stress relief toy is the good old slinky. Yes, that curious spring -like toy which persons of a certain age would send on adventures down the stairs. However, they now come in a variety of colours, and can be very relaxing on the brain.

Aggressive Toys

Of course much stress in the work environment is about the release of pent-up aggression. There are stress relief toys which are designed to combat the on-set of aggression and channel it away from the boss’ neck! This can be as straightforward as a desktop punch bag. Perhaps you would care to tear a felt referee limb from limb. There is even a chicken on the market that sings a particularly annoying tune until you choke him into submission!

Quirky Toys

If violence is not your cup of camomile tea, then perhaps you would prefer to dabble in a desktop zen garden, sand box or construction site. For the inner geek there are also downloadable computer stress relief games, which working the same was as meditation in switching off the mind. Perhaps the most quirky stress relief toy is the spongy replica of the girlfriend’s breast! Maybe it takes the stressed executive back the comfort of the nursery. After all they’re still little boys at heart. That’s why they buy Porches!


So there you have it! There is a stress relief toy for everyone! Be it bloke, geek, or average every day stressed-out person. No matter what their line of business! It’s good to know that the encouragement of the inner child can be beneficial to your health! You can tell that to your boss next he catches doing on-line suduko!

Do not allow stress to overcome you or your friends. You can use these amazing stress relief toys to combat stress and related conditions, items that are used all over the world. Get quality stress relief now!