The Various Pharmacies of Today

By | June 29, 2017

Pharmacy is a major industry and it is one that really affects our daily lives. Each one of us is prone to sickness at some point of time or another. Thus, we have to occasionally run to the pharmacy to buy one kind of drug or another.

However, the world did not always have pharmacies. But as developments continued in the world of medicine by physicians and scientists from all parts of the globe, pharmacies began to develop. It became necessary for pharmacists to have a place from which they could operate. Thus, an expert pharmacist sat there preparing and selling medicines. However, the pharmacists of the twenty-first century are not always required to compound medicines. The drugs are brought completely ready from the pharma factories. The pharmacist has increasingly begun to appear less like a health professional and more like a retailer. As a result, these days we are seeing pharmacies being filled with technicians so that the pharmacist can deal with the patients.

Pharmacies today are of various kinds. There are the community pharmacies which have an eye on retail. Many of them do not confine themselves to stocking medicines. They begin stocking toiletries, chewing gum, and cosmetics as well. Then there are the hospital pharmacies which are located within hospital premises. Now, while the community pharmacy is more concerned with selling its stocks, the hospital pharmacy has much more work of a clinical nature. Preparation of emergency medicines is one of the jobs of the pharmacist at the hospital. (S)he may also have to attend to patients giving them intravenous and intramuscular medication.

These two are the most generic kinds of pharmacies. But over the years, more specialist entities have been emerging. These include the clinical pharmacy, the compounding pharmacy, the consultant pharmacy, and the Internet pharmacy. The clinical pharmacy directly attends to patients who come there. The compounding pharmacy is a pharmacy which specializes in the making of drugs. The consultant pharmacist works as a medical consultant in medical institutions. This leaves us with the Internet pharmacy. It is yet another thing that we must thank the Internet revolution for.

The Internet pharmacy is a relatively new development and it concentrates on retail. So the next time you want to buy prednisone or femara, look for a reliable Internet pharmacy who will sell you the drug you require. And if you are having trouble finding the cheapest Internet pharmacy, take help from an online pharmacy pricer.

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