Health And Finance In Dreams

By | July 3, 2017

Secretly, we’re all very much aware of our hopes to feel well to be able toearn a living, and consequently work effectively. In dreams, symbols of work are any object, person or tool that resembles a connection to the workplace, our attitudes toward work, job satisfaction, job security, salary rewards and the physical wellness to do the work.

A man I know had the following dream. At the time of the dream, he was in good health, a professional earning 100K a year. His life was good; that is, until the night he had a dream that ultimately would change his life forever.

The dream opens with the man walking down a sidewalk near his apartment. This was the same path he’d walked for many years. When he turned the corner up the block towards his apartment, he felt an urge to look down at his hands. Lifting his hands, he saw his hands suddenly begin to change in appearance: His hands began to ball up into a fist. As his hands continued to tighten up, they took on a crippled, disfigured look.

Startled, he tried to straighten them out. When he was unable to move his fingers, he put his hands into the pockets of the sweat suit he was wearing believing everything would be all right in few minutes. As he placed his hands into the the sweat suit, he discovered there were no pockets, just openings. Placing his hands into the openings, he walked down the sidewalk for 20 feet. Unable to compose himself, he took his hands out of the openings hoping they would be normal. To his surprise, his hands were in a deformed condition, and he felt severe pain radiating down his wrists through his hands into his fingertips.

Getting panicked, he stared at his hands. The more he tried to focus, the more blurred his vision became till he could not see the image of his hands. He tried to adjust his vision, he now felt a sharp pain in his forehead that nearly landed him on his knees. Discouraged by this experience, the man sat down on some tree leaves on the front lawn of a neighbor’s house. As he began to close his eyes, he felt a gentle breeze that blew the leaves away from him and across the lawn.

On the verge of panic, he reached into the sweat pants openings, grabbed a hold of his wallet containing his driver’s license, money and medical insurance card in the event his condition worsened. Opening the wallet, he discovered the wallet was empty, holding only a medical insurance card. Fumbling with the wallet, he managed to pull out the insurance card. With blurred vision, he read the word “Cobra” printed across the card. Cobra insurance is the health insurance provided by employers, which goes into effect when one becomes disabled. Holding the card, he watched the card slowly then completely disappear in his hand.

After a few moments of taking long, deep breaths, the man opened his eyes greatly surprised to find that his hands were normal, eyesight clear and the pain in his forehead had dissipated.

On his feet again, he glanced at his expensive sweat suit to find that it had changed into clothing frayed, dirty and covered with holes. Very pleased to be feeling physically better, the man briskly walked toward his apartment. Arriving at his apartment, he looked down and saw that the sweat suit was as it had been–beautiful, clean and new. Reaching for the front door of his apartment building, the man woke up.

The Interpretation Of The Dream Using Each Key Word Walking/Sidewalk in the beginning of the dream represents stability, financial security, success and harmony in the man’s family and workplace. This is a lifestyle of safety, consistency, routine and control over his life and environment.

Older Apartment represents a temporary refuge. Taking into consideration the other events occurring in the dream, the man’s apartment represents change, the unknown, place of waiting, failing health and possible death.

Hands/Crippled/Disfigured Hands represent our ability to work, sustain and provide for ourselves and family. When the man saw his hands change to crippled/disfigured ones represented failing health and financial distress. Watching his hands change from normal hands to disfigured hands represents change in his life and lifestyle will come suddenly and without warning.

Pockets/No Pockets. Where there had been pockets in the sweat shirt there were now only openings. With this in mind, he placed his hands into the openings represents he will ignore symptoms of illness. Having no pockets also means that although the man will have some medical insurance, his current medical insurance will not have the extended coverage needed for the duration of the time of illness.

Severe Pain/Forehead/Knees Deep pain in the man’s forehead represented a physical problem, confusion, disbelief and helplessness he felt seeing changes to his body. Years later, he would be diagnosed with a benign tumor near his brain; and that over time, if not removed may cause blindness and death. As the man stared down at his hands, he felt his knees go weak; he managed to regain his balance. The weakness in his knees represented that though strong minded, his body will no longer function as it once had; his hands, other parts of his body and finances standing will be affected.

Stared/Blurred Vision Fully aware of what was happening to his hands, he began to watch his hands change represents his entire life will be put on hold; his life and level of physical energy will be controlled by what is shown in the dream.

Sat Down/Neighbor’s House/Tree Too weak to stand, the man sits down under a tree near leaves on his neighbor’s lawn. Before closing his eyes, he feels a gentle wind blowing the leaves across the lawn away from him. The tree/leaves represent change. In this dream, the wind represents that most of his material possessions will be taken from him due to illness.

Expensive/Sweat suit/Frayed, Dirty, Holes The expensive sweat suit represents the man’s standard of living. The sweat suit turning frayed and dirty with holes represents the trials and financial hardships he will be suffering as a result of illness.

Wallet/Driver’s License, Money/Medical Insurance Card The man took out his wallet finding his driver’s license and money gone. In the wallet was only his medical insurance card, turning into a Cobra insurance card. The card slowly disappeared representing his medical insurance wouldn’t last for the term of his illnesses. The missing driver’s license represented the man’s identity and self worth would be shattered. The missing money represented suffering financial losses illness would cause him.

Beautiful/Clean/Looking New Unlocking the door of his apartment, he saw his hands healed and the sweat suit again clean and new. This represented that despite health problems, eventually his life would be restored to normal.

The Outcome Of The Dream: Months after the man had this dream, he was diagnosed with chronic bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. He collected unemployment. A year later, he was told his Cobra insurance would end, no longer paying for doctor bills or prescriptions costs.

Dejected, the day his Cobra insurance ran out, he thought to remember he was a Vietnam veteran. He immediately went down to the VA Hospital inquiring about eligibility benefits. Within hours, he was approved and VA commenced covering all his medical expenses.

In regards to the man’s eyesight and the pain in the forehead, doctors at the VA Hospital discovered a tumor between his eyes. Without treatment, blindness and death would likely occur. He was informed of a new research drug that had just been approved; it slows the growth of tumors stabilizing eyesight. In 2005, the VA Hospital excised the tumor.

As of this date, his eyesight is good and he is in fine health. As for the material goods the man lost after having the dream, they’ve been replaced. The very day his Unemployment Benefits ran out, he was approved for Social Security disability benefits, obtaining an unexpected check for $ 22K in back benefits. The dream the man had experienced years earlier had accurately revealed his future, just as he had seen it play in the dream. My name Jurell Green, founder of: and I am that man.

Zechariah 9:11-12 “As for you, because of the Blood of My covenant with you, I will free your prisoners from the waterless pit. 12 Return to your fortress, O prisoners of hope; even now, I announce that I will restore twice as much to you.” NIV

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