Do Not Neglect Bloating Stomach

By | July 7, 2017

The medical term for stomach bloating is ‘abdominal distension’. Stomach bloating is usually caused by irregular functioning of the digestive system. Due to the malfunctioning of the digestive system gases are emitted out at a rapid rate and these gases get caught in your tummy causing your stomach to bloat. Stomach bloating is often found in women and in some cases they even gain considerable weight due to bloating. First of all, what makes our stomach bloat?

As a remedy for stomach bloating tummy and abdomen exercises have been suggested by many. But the truth is that, reason for the bloating of your stomach lies within your body. Hence, stomach bloating should be cured from within. A bloating stomach is not only a matter of discomfort to the individual but is also a social embarrassment. Who would want to walk around with a bloating stomach? Unhealthy colon, parasitic invasion of your digestive system, intestinal gases, fatty foods, flatulent foods- any of these factors can be contributing towards the bloating of your stomach. Foods that might lead to stomach bloating are dairy products, artificial gums and sugars, fatty foods, beans, peas, lettuce and cabbage. A high fiber diet also might lead to stomach bloating.

If you don’t prefer medications made out of chemicals then you can use herbal medicines to get rid of stomach bloating. Several alternative treatments have specific medicines for treating stomach bloating, belching and flatulence. If your stomach is bloating because of harmful bacteria or parasites in your intestine then you should go for a colon cleansing program. You can even try colonic hydro cleansing therapy which fast, easy and reliable for getting your intestine cleaned. Several healing programs that are aimed to cure stomach bloating involve probiotics, supplementary vitamins, special enzymes that will assist the digestive system in reducing the intestinal gas. They deal with acid reflux as well. Avoid eating foods that might produce gas in your body. Change your dietary habits and start eating a balanced diet. Do not talk while eating. Eat slowly and chew your food properly. Do not drink too much of water or carbonated drinks while eating.

Fatty foods, junk food containing high amount of cholesterol should be avoided by all means. In case, you have lactose intolerance avoid taking dairy products. Artificial sweeteners, gums and chocolates also should be taken in limited amounts only. Once you start experiencing stomach bloating, observe the kind of foods you are taking and find out which vegetable or fruit or food is not going with your body. Avoid taking that particular food item in future. Stomach bloating, flatulence, abdomen cramps, belching all these denote bad food habits and improper functioning of your digestive system. The next time your stomach starts bloating, don’t blame it on your tummy alone. Check your lifestyle also.

Consumption alcohol, smoking etc also indirectly influence the working of your digestive system. Do not use any medication without consulting a doctor. In case you are using homemade herbal remedies for treating your bloating stomach and if you happen to face any discomfort stop using those herbs immediately and rush to a doctor. Put an end to stomach bloating today for a healthier & happier life.

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