Vasectomy’s Effect on Man’s Sexual Drive

By | July 9, 2017

Lots of men who are considering a vasectomy for birth control are wondering if this procedure will greatly affect their libido. Actually, it will not. Vasectomy will only remove a man’s aptitude to send sperm cells to his semen, hence, preventing conception. However, his sexual drive will never be affected and he can still have erection and ejaculation.

This issue should always be talked over between a husband and wife. If they need further help, they could ask their doctor for some advice. Countless couples do have these types of problems. However, they are just too hesitant to ask their doctors about it.

Should a couple find it hard to deal with such issues, it is a must to consult a physician for some advice. After the consultation, they would come to a realization that after the procedure, the only change that will ensue is the prevention of accidental pregnancy and nothing else. Knowing this, the couple can have a more exciting and pleasurable sexual life.

It should also be pointed out that vasectomy never perturbs any nerves or blood vessels that are involved in promoting erection and ejaculation.

Another important issue that the doctor should always discuss is the fact that sterility does not ensue right away after the procedure. Generally, semen will be free from sperm cells after 20 ejaculations or more. But to be free from anxiety, it is still highly recommended to have a physician test the semen and verify the absence of sperm cells before proceeding to unprotected sex.

Another important caution that couples should be aware of is the that the procedure does not prevent any sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Couples should know that even though the man has undergone vasectomy, they are still susceptible of acquiring diseases that are sex-related. Therefore, if there is a risk of getting STD, couples should still need the protection of condoms and other methods.

To conclude, couples should fully comprehend that the libido of the husband will never change and his sexual desire would still remain the same as before. There will still be the production of the hormones and sex gonads will be the same as always. Although sperm cells do not go with semen upon ejaculation, they are normally absorbed by the body.

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