Information About Valium

By | July 24, 2017

Valium is the brand name of a drug called diazepam. Being in the benzodiazepine family, Valium is considered a sedative. This drug is used to treat anxiety, muscle spasms, and seizures. It is only available by prescription from your physician. This is a controlled substance which can become addictive.

Valium is used for short periods of time to treat anxiety. It acts as a depressant on the central nervous system allowing the patient to calm down. There are several anxiety disorders for which Valium can be prescribed. Things like seizures and muscle spasms can be controlled with this drug. Insomnia is another condition pharmaceuticals from the benzodiazepine family is used to treat. There are times when a patient must undergo a medical procedure, the doctor will give them diazepam to calm them down.

Valium has been known to be prescribed for patients who are suffering from the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. There are times when the patient has abnormally functioning kidneys the dosage may have to be closely monitored. Valium will become metabolized by the liver and is then mostly released by the kidneys. Patients who are being treated with this drug should avoid consuming alcohol.

Doctors warn that Valium can be addictive. A patient should never try to increase his or her dosage by themselves. They should always consult with their physician first. Patients who have quit taking Valium suddenly have at times had severe withdrawals. This can include headaches, fatigue, nausea or vomiting, and anxiety. There are other symptoms which can also occur. This is why a patient who has been taking the drug for an extended period of time must usually be weaned off the medication.

If someone is pregnant it is not recommended they take Valium. It has been known to cause problems with the fetus. Mothers who are breastfeeding should avoid using it as well. The effects of the drug can affect the nursing baby.

There are some side effects of Valium. Most of the time it is nothing more than fatigue or drowsiness. In extremely rare cases the side effects can be confusion, speech problems and even double vision. There have been times when the Valium has had the opposite effect to what it was supposed to. In these cases it has been known to cause sleeplessness, rage, muscle spasms, or excitability.

There are some precautions you should observe before taking Valium. Because this drug can cause drowsiness and dizziness, you should not operate machinery when you are on it. If you suffer from narrow-angle glaucoma taking Valium could make the condition worse. Patients who suffer from kidney or liver disease should avoid this medication. People who have asthma or other respiratory diseases should speak with their doctor before taking Valium. If you are suffering from depression, do not take this medicine.

People who are 65 years of age or older may want to speak with their doctors before taking Valium. The risk of injury due to a fall is greater in geriatric patients. It would be best to see if another medication might not serve the purpose.

If you are prescribed Valium, there will be a list of instructions you will get. These instructions will explain how to take the medication. If you do not understand the instructions or have any questions concerning your use of Valium, do not hesitate to ask. The doctor or nurse will be more than happy to explain to you anything you do not understand. As with any drug, use it only as your doctor prescribed.

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