Withdrawal Symptoms Of Zolpidem Tartrate

By | July 24, 2017

Lack of sleep or Insomnia is a common problem faced by people in todays stressful life. They are not able to have sound sleep at night. Hence they have to resort to medical drugs like Zolpidem Tartrate or Generic Ambien.

Well, in this concern, zolpidem tartrate or Generic Ambien is quite effective drug in comparison with commonly used medicines including Dalmane or Halcion. Moreover, you can use these Ambien tablets if you feel that symptom of insomnia or any sleeping disorder. But, there are many side effects associated with this drug too.

So you are taking the medication for more than 10 days and still you are not sleeping well. Then instead of continuing the medication, you are advised to consult the doctor. As mentioned earlier, there are many side effects of the drug so it should be taken only for a short period of time and only after consulting the doctor.

Avoid consuming this drug for a long period of time because its excessive usage can make you an addict of it. Moreover, you must be familiar with the fact that withdrawal of this drug also causes many diseases. But, you can convalesce from this problem along with avoiding harmful effects of withdrawal under proper medical supervision.

People who become dependent of addictive of the drug after a long use may have some problems in discontinuing the use. Withdrawing form Ambien may create a wide range of symptoms of many diseases. Some of the reaction of withdrawal includes abdominal pain, dry throat, teeth grinding, headaches, cramping, aching at joints, aggression, tingling scalp, blurry vision and rash.

If the patient feels any change in his/her mental or physical condition, then it may be a strong signal of Withdrawals symptoms from Zolpidem Tartrate. There are some more mental and emotional changes too, which are side effects of withdrawal from Zolpidem Tartrate. Fear in living alone, lacking in co-ordination, confusion, unusual behavior and morose thoughts are those symptoms which occur due to withdrawal from this drug.

There are some reports suggesting that with all these symptoms a patient can be affected by some severe side effects of withdrawal of Zolpidem. These symptoms include high blood sugar, sexual dysfunction, and fear of water, irregular menstruation periods and erratic moods. It is there for important to note that you should not quit taking the dose of Zolpidem suddenly as it can worse the above-mentioned side effects of the withdrawal of the drug.

Therefore, it is very crucial not to quit the drug in order to avoid any such reactions. Zolpidem users therefore try to withdraw from it gradually and slowly by reducing the amount of dose over several weeks or months. It is advised to consult a doctor in order to withdraw from Zolpidem without the side effects and complete the recommended course of action.

About the Author: George McCartey explains insomnia and sleeping pill Zolpidem Tartrate 10 mg tablet and how to order Generic Ambien no prescription from an online pharmacy.