Ways How To Get Relief From Bulging Disc Pain In Pittsburgh

By | August 1, 2017

A local Pittsburgh chiropractor is able to provide his patients with relief from the discomfort of bulging disc pain. Your practitioner is highly skilled in the art of chiropractics, which focuses on the entire musculoskeletal system. The services provided focus on relieving discomfort, pain and realigning the joints and discs in the spine and neck.

There are many discs and inter-locking joints in the spine that assist in supporting your joints. If you should suffer an injury there is a good possibility that the impact will force the supporting disc out of position, causing it to bulge. The bulging can affect an individuals ability to function normally and restrict mobility.

Misalignment of the discs in the spine and neck can cause pain and discomfort. The soft tissues that surround the spine can be strained when an injury occurs and become inflamed as they try to support the joint and function within normal parameters. When the nerves are restricted the resulting swelling and inflammation can cause tremendous pain in addition to the misalignment that is present.

The nerves are responsible for the sensation and the ability to control the muscles and as such any pressure will negatively affect them. You may experience varying degrees of pain, including prickling or burning sensations in your extremities. You are likely to experience pain as you try to extend the affected joints and other symptoms include numbness and muscle weakness.

Due to the individual nature of each injury, the doctor will need to fully assess the back to ascertain which discs are misaligned and how severely they are out of alignment. Once he has done this he will choose the best method for going about realigning the joints and discs. This process is usually painless.

This process is painless and will result in the patient feeling an immediate sense of relief. Your Pittsburgh chiropractor will likely recommend several follow up sessions as the healing process works to alleviate any residual inflammation. It is far easier to properly align the vertebrae when there is a reduction in swelling.

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