Understanding The Effect Of Propecia

By | August 5, 2017

Male pattern baldness is an affliction that is collectively experienced by a majority of the world’s male population. As a man yourself, you may have had the fear of losing your thick mop of hair as you approach old age. Sometimes other factors come into play to trigger baldness as well. Maybe you have had a long and stressful couple of months at work. Maybe you haven’t been able to eat the right balance of nutrients and your body reacts by losing hair. But most probably, it is just a matter of genetics coming in to play.

Most men experience hair fall and balding as a result of a hereditary trait handed down from generation to generation. Whatever the reason for your hair loss, it can be treated with the help of a medicine known as propecia. Propecia has been bringing back the smile on the faces of men for years now, thanks to its effect in treating male pattern baldness.

Generic Propecia Finasteride

Finasteride is a deep-acting drug created to combat male patter hair loss. It is marketed in the generic form of propecia. Generic propecia finasteride helps to block the function of the DHT hormone in the body that burns hormones needed for hair growth in men, like testosterone. Due to this action of propecia, the body is able to use the required hormones in order to stop the scalp from shedding hair. After a while of using generic propecia finasteride, hair re-growth is observed at a quick pace.

Using Propecia

Generic propecia finasteride is meant to be used once a day, every day in order to treat male pattern baldness. It is most commonly found in tablet form in doses of 1mg and 5mg. While a prescription is not strictly necessary to buy generic propecia Canada, it is advisable that you consult your doctor in order to find the right dosage for your intensity of hair fall.

When used daily for about 3 to 4 months, you will notice a very striking reduction in hair fall, flowed by re-growth of hair to a considerable thickness. It is important to remember that generic propecia finasteride is not a medicine that will work overnight, so you have to be patient and consistent in usage to observe its effects.

The side effects of propecia generic finasteride include dizziness, swelling of skin, appearance of rashes, itching and irritation. These are not stubborn side effects, however and should disappear after a few days. If the side effects continue, visit your doctor immediately.

Where Can I Buy Propecia

Propecia costs are not steep or heavy on your pocket. The cost of propecia is relatively cheap and therefore is useful in case you want to purchase it in big amounts. You can find generic propecia Canada online at any reputed healthcare website. You can find it just as easily at or any local drugstores. The cost of propecia at walmart is also highly competitive. Walmart also saves your medical information, thereby making it easy for you to place and order without having to remember the specific details of your medication.

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