Acyclovir Cream For Cold Sore Treatment

By | August 6, 2017

Sexually transmitted diseases are the worst to handle as they are very contagious and produce annoying symptoms. Herpes is one of these sexually transmitted diseases. Cold sores are the characteristic symptom of this STD. These appear on the face as well as on the genitals. According to their occurrence herpes is divided into oral and genital herpes. Both are contagious and the sufferer should take extra precaution as he or she can spread herpes to others too. The symptoms of herpes vary from person to person. Cold sores are the prominent symptom and to treat cold sore; acyclovir cream is used widely. This skin disorder is treatable and you can live the normal life style once again. But you need to start cold sore treatment as early as possible. Herpes can reoccur and hence it is advisable to treat cold sores completely and after the treatment also take precautions to avoid the outbreak of the disease. A medicine such as Acyclovir cream which is available under the name of Generic Zovirax is useful.

The most common symptom of genital herpes is the cold sores. Genital herpes lesions can appear on the genitals, the anus or the surrounding areas such as the buttocks or thighs. These cold sores may appear in groups or may be alone. The size of these sores also varies. The outbreak is the period when the severity of the herpes symptom is maximum. The outbreak of the cold sores is usually painful and after bursting out the sores gets healed automatically. Other symptoms include an itching or irritating rash, and a tenderness, pressure or swelling in the groin area, or swollen glands or lymph nodes. You may also experience flu like symptoms such as fever and headaches, and possibly nausea, muscle soreness or tiredness, and aching joints or limbs. The cold sore treatment aims to reduce such symptoms and to provide quick relief from this condition. Acyclovir cream for herpes is most commonly used in the cold sore treatment. The sooner you recognize the symptoms and start to treat cold sore the quicker you get the result. Therefore early start of the cold sore treatment with drugs such as generic Zovirax is very important. Once you get succeed in reducing the symptoms or to treat cold sores, the chances of the outbreak of herpes decreases.

The symptoms of herpes such cold sores are very annoying but the good thing is that cold sore treatment can be done with several medications. Amongst the several treatment options available in the market, Acyclovir cream also known as Generic Zovirax is the most widely used and easy to apply. Though you can get Acyclovir cream for herpes at any local pharmacy or at online drug store; you need to consult a doctor first. Let your doctor diagnose the symptoms and let him or her prescribe the Acyclovir cream for herpes for you. It is always beneficial to take medicine under medical supervision so that adverse effects can be avoided or if they occurred than they can be treated. Generic Zovirax is the best cold sore treatment available. It is widely used to treat cold sores

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