Congestive Heart Failure: Understanding your heart disease – Simple and Compact

By | August 6, 2017
Congestive Heart Failure: Understanding your heart disease - Simple and Compact

Understand Congestive Heart Failure in less than an hour.
Do you find yourself unable to find accurate well-sorted information about congestive heart failure in one place? Are you unsure how well your doctor knows about your heart disease?
I certainly was. This is the reason why I did a months-long research concerning this topic after my father was diagnosed with a right side heart failure.

After the health situation of my father got better I decided to publish the information to anyone who might need it.

After you read the book you will know everything you need about:
– Why 2% of the total population and 6-10% in those over the age of 65 are diagnosed with congestive heart failure.
– The fact that there are different types of heart failure and what are the differences.
– 10 of the most common causes for heart failure.
– Understanding the signs and symptoms and how to act accordingly.
– How your doctor can verify your suspicions if you have heart failure.
– Can congestive heart failure be treated and if so how?
– How to prevent congestive heart failure from worsening.
– Living with heart failure – A long-term approach
– …

I’m not a traditional author. And I’m not a doctor.
But I created a comprehensive book on congestive heart failure and I’m confident that you’re going to find the information you need. This ebook is as far as I can see the best way to start informing you about this severe heart disease and the possible treatments.

Robert S. Harris