How A Man Can Improve His Sex Life After 40?

By | August 6, 2017

The sexuality is the capability to get erotic responses and experiences. It also refers to the way one is sexually attracted to a person of opposite sex, or same sex. The sexual orientation determines whether a person is attracted towards the opposite sex called heterosexuality, or the same sex referred as homosexuality. Those possessing tendencies for both opposite sex and same sex are bisexuals, those attracted towards all gender identities are pansexual, and those not attracted to any gender sexually are called asexual.

The leaning towards sexual activities increases with attaining of puberty, and the interest matures in adulthood. The sexual instincts are the products of nature and nurture. The environmental influences as well as the upbringing including dietary provisions determine the sexual urge of a person. The response cycle of a male starts with excitement phase, and ends with resolution phase which comes after expulsion phase under which ejaculation takes place. With the advancement of age, this resolution phase under which the male is in a passive state consisting of a refractory or rest period prior to the re-start of the cycle increases.

The problem during advanced age, say above 40, with men having sex may be varied, and some of which include erectile dysfunction, lack of interest, premature ejaculation, or inability to do so, low sexual drive, pain at the time of intercourse, pain in the reproductive organs after or during orgasm, prolonged erection, and headaches after or during orgasm. Many of these disorders in men above 40 arise due to their mental makeup and their self confidence. With right attitude towards life and society, and a healthy life style, those past 40 years may improve their quality of sex life immensely.

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