Is Nexium The Magic Pill To Cure Acid Reflux?

By | August 10, 2017

If you are suffering from persistent and chronic acid reflux Nexium, might be, as one of the most frequently prescribed drugs on the market today, a solution for you.

How Nexium Works:

Because it is a proton pump inhibitor, Nexium is not designed to provide instant relief of heartburn. It was rather developed to limit the amount of stomach acid produced by the stomach and it is prescribed as a daily pill treatment. If the drug main purpose was to reduce acid reflux Nexium should be taken with care. In fact, it is very important that you make sure that your body’s digestive system can function as it is supposed to.

To help you understand how stomach acid can be damaging, let’s compare stomach acid with the hydrochloric acid found in car batteries. I’m sure you can see how very damaging to the esophagus lining stomach acid can be. This is not something you want to leave unchecked since stomach acid can cause ulcers in the lower esophagus and can also work its way into the throat and larynx and damage them too. For persons who have been suffering for a long time of acid reflux Nexium offers another huge benefit since it can heal damaged tissue by limiting the amount of acid found in the stomach.

A Word of Caution about Nexium:

If Nexium seems so far to be the magic pill to cure acid reflux, there’s one thing you should know about this drug. If you’re thinking of using it for acid reflux Nexium has also a big impact on the amount of acid in your stomach. It can reduce it too much and leave the stomach open for other problems. The acid in the stomach has a specific purpose: it is part of the system’s digestive process. One of its major benefits is that it kills some of the harmful bacteria like the one causing food poisoning. As you can see, if your acid levels fall too low, there’s a chance that the food you ingested may not be properly digested and you’ll then become more susceptible to food-borne illnesses.

Nexium Should Be Used for a Limited Time Frame

You can expect in most cases of acid reflux that Nexium will usually provide a relief in about four to six weeks. After that time and suggests if the symptoms of acid reflux continued, the manufacturer recommends to consider an additional period of four to six weeks of treatment. Of course, the patient is also advised to talk it over with their physician. It is important to know that as a qualified therapy for acid reflux Nexium has not been tested yet for its use over a longer period than six months and its effects caused by long-term use remain unknown.

Some critics have complained that the drug is simply a reworked formula with a bigger marketing budget and even though it indeed provides a relief for acid reflux Nexium should not taken lightly and be carefully considered before considering using it. According to some medical experts, inhibiting acid production is only one of many methods of reducing acid reflux.

Suffice to say that this type of drug should strictly be used under the careful guidance of your physician although for acid reflux Nexium is sold in doses for over the counter use. Never forget that abuse of a drug like Nexium can create digestive problems as well as susceptibility to other ailments.

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