Kratom as a Pain Reliever – Story of Kratom Users

By | August 20, 2017

With the increasing number of people suffering from body pain and aches, the demand for pain reliever increases. Man always developed new things to improve their quality of life, from technological gadgets to medicines. Though it seems that they excel at doing other things, medicine still seems to be of complete failure. They have invented new drugs to aid them into the elimination of many different illnesses. However, we can’t hide the fact that still, these drugs contain different side effects. But, there is still a way to eliminate these harmful side effects and negative reactions. We can still ask out nature to provide us with simple, yet powerful, non-harmful solution to our problems. One of them is kratom.

Effects of Kratom

Kratom have duality when it comes to effects. It can be stimulating or sedating, depending upon the dosage level you took. Generally, lower dosage level is stimulant, while higher dosage level is sedating. It has the ability to relieve even the most excruciating pain of all.

Story of Kratom Users

Many people have thanked kratom for its contribution into improving their quality of life. According to them, it has relieved their restless nights, where they would be spinning on their bed because of extreme pain. Most of these users began to protest about banning kratom.

“I soon found that there was a natural non-harmful herbal remedy to my symptoms. This remedy was Kratom. With Kratom therapy, I found that my pain, depression and anxiety symptoms were significantly reduced.”

So many people have changed their life, by starting to use kratom to alleviate pain and other symptoms like depression, headache, anxiety and many others. With these vast amount of true testimonials, one can be sure that kratom is really a powerful herbal medicine.

How kratom can help alleviate pain

As we all know, kratom can be a sedative when taken at higher dosage. In addition to that, the primary alkaloid called7-hydroxymitragynine is a potent opioid analgesic alkaloid is the one responsible for the analgesic capability of kratom. And because of the activation of u-opioid receptor, it produces a powerful antinociceptive (reducing sensitivity to painful stimuli) effect.

Why kratom is better than other drugs?

Though many comments say that kratom and morphine do have similarities in effects, it was proven that they have difference when it comes to chemical structures. Unlike the addictive property of morphine, kratom is generally safe, non-addictive and safer even of overdosed. Morphine on the other hand can be fatal. is one of the best reputed places to order kratom online. You can by kratom products like kratom capsules, kratom extract etc from here with guaranteed quality. Also you can read kratom blog to know more about kratom .