Disposable or washable surgical caps

By | August 23, 2017

It is evident to wear protective clothing or surgical scrubs while operating or examining a patient. Also, with the increasing awareness about health and hygiene, healthcare sectors made it mandatory to wear protective clothing for the doctors or nurses during working hours. Initially emphasis was not given on the use of surgical caps but later it also became an inseparable part of doctor clothing in healthcare institutions.

At first, the surgical caps were not worn by the doctors because people were not so concerned about the hygiene as they are now. When people realized what all it needs to achieve good health and to prevent the spread of infection they readily accepted some changes in the trend of medical clothing. Surgical caps were latest in the additional and then after a few years it also went under some changes with the availability of these caps in different forms and design.

Reusable cotton caps were first to enter the venture and later disposable caps entered the market. Institutions are still confused about the benefits of reusable and disposable caps. The debate on whether disposable head coverings are good or reusable is still going on. However, they are more or less designed for the same purpose – to maintain hygiene inside the hospital premises.

As everyday knows an operating room has to be sterile always. Therefore, every time a doctor or other medical professional enters the operating room, he or she has to wear the medical clothing and surgical scrub. In fact the head wear goes before all other form of clothing before entering the medical room. The main reason behind this fact is that bacteria is most prominent in the area near the surface of epidermis coupled with hair. The potential of carrying infectious bacteria increases in this case and hence, it is of great importance to cover the head to prevent the spread of infection inside the operation room. Therefore, doctors always show concern for what to wear whether disposable or reusable head coverings.

In fact various studies have been conducted to find out the effectiveness of disposable and reusable surgical caps but no relevant findings were seen. Both of them helped in maintaining hygiene inside the operation room and each hospital builds its own policy for head covering – whether reusable caps should be preferred or disposable.

Experienced professionals or senior doctors suggest that instead of debating for which cap to use whether washable or disposable, doctors should emphasize on maintaining sterility of the gown and caps. Medical clothing with even minute indications of infection must be changed.

Author is professional writer with immense experience in writing about doctor clothing and Nursing uniforms. She has written and published many articles on Surgical Caps and other such clothing supplies used in hospitals.