Combating Anxiety

By | March 8, 2018

Almost all of us experience times of worry, stress and foreboding at some time or another. However, when anxiety is significant it develops into a medical problem in which a doctor or medical physician should be consulted.

Anxiety is a psychological state and typically shows itself in physical symptoms and a large number of medical professionals now suggest that a healthy balanced diet can help to alleviate and in some cases eliminate, anxiety.

The physical symptoms of anxiety show themselves as a dry mouth, breathlessness, dizziness, thudding heart, sweating, chest pains, fatigue and in extreme cases diarrhea. It is also understood to weaken the body’s immune system.

The decrease of appetite and constantly missing meals will disturb your normal eating regime and as a result, reduced food consumption can lead to a loss of weight and an inadequate supply of nutrition. The resultant deficiencies may be further worsened through the additional symptoms anxiety can create. Evidence suggests that a lack of magnesium in combination with a lack of vitamins B is closely associated with anxiety. When we find ourselves under stress, our bodies quickly use up reserves of vitamins C and individuals suffering from severe anxiety will frequently benefit from increased vitamin consumption.

It is therefore important to ensure you have a healthy and balanced diet and eat regularly to avoid suffering from anxiety. Anxiety sufferers frequently turn to drink to help them feel better however this is likely to make them worse. Drinking alcohol acts as a depressant and not a stimulant as is popularly believed which is why individuals suffering from anxiety who subsequently consume alcohol find themselves 6 to 12 hours after drinking, that their sugar levels have become low making them particularly susceptible to an anxiety attack.

To help ward off the effects of anxiety ensure your diet contains a good proportion of nuts, cheese, meat, and green leafy vegetables containing rich sources of various B vitamins. Consume plenty of citrus fruits thereby absorbing sufficient amounts of vitamins C whilst also incorporating sweet milk-based drinks. Try to limit your exposure to excessive amounts of tea, coffee, coke, chocolate, and alcohol. Sweet milk-based drinks have been shown to significantly help individuals to overcome anxiety. This is because they contain an amino acid which is present in cow’s milk and carbohydrates in the forms of sugar. The amino acid present in milk, stimulates the production of the happy chemical serotonin which helps to relax you and consequently, being far less likely to suffer from anxiety.

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