Nuheart Heartworm Medicine

By | March 13, 2018

Preventative heartworm medicine is becoming more commonly used, as the America Heartworm Society and veterinarians now recommend a heartworm preventative for all our dogs. It is great that there is a straightforward way to prevent our dogs becoming infected with the heartworm parasite. The only drawback is that they must be used continually for the lifetime of our pet to guarantee their health remains in tip-top condition. That means years of buying a product and using it every month.

With finances being more closely scrutinised than ever, it pays to save wherever possible. Choosing Nuheart heartworm medicine is a simple way to save money. But, most importantly it will make no difference to your dog’s well-being. Vet’s often recommend Heartgard for dogs. It is the ‘original’ brand of ivermectin based heartworm pill. Used for decades it has proven a safe and effective method of ensuring our dog’s do not develop heartworm disease.

Now that the makers of Heartgard no longer have a monopoly on producing ivermectin heartworm pills other pet medicines manufacturers are legally entitled to produce exactly the same medicine. This is where Nuheart comes in. This is an Australian brand of generic heartworm medication. They have literally copied the winning forumula of Heartgard and produced their own pill to destroy heartworms.

Because the makers did not need to spend a fortune developing the drug, researching the correct dosage or marketing its use to vets and pet health-care professionals, the price for Nuheart can be significantly lower than that for Heartgard.

Thankfully the FDA regulates generic pet medicines in the same way it does the brands, so we can be assured the medicinal value of any generic product is identical to the brand. In fact the FDA require that generic pet medicines be identical with regards to dosage and quality of active ingredients. They stipulate that the generic product must be interchangeable with the brand.

This means, for the pet owner that it does not matter one iota to the health of the animal, whether a brand or generic is used. So, if you use Heartgard why not consider a switch to Nuheart Heartworm Medicine? The active components are the same, but the tablets are around 40% of the price. Over the lifetime of your pet that saving really adds up.

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