Erectile Dysfunction: What Worked For Us

By | March 26, 2018
Erectile Dysfunction: What Worked For Us


Erectile dysfunction continues to be a very personal and very troubling crisis.
It shouldn’t be. For it’s as normal as any other medical condition.
We need to stop being stigmatized by a condition which occasionally strikes half of men over age forty. Seventy six percent of men over sixty.
The good news… most of us can be “fixed,” with a little tender loving care and patience from our spouses, and a willingness to be open and honest about our problem.
And… a willingness to try a variety of methods of dealing with ED until we find one that works.
That’s the whole premise behind this book.
We’ve been there. We went through all the emotions, the frustration, the anger, the humiliation. We could have just given up on our sex life as so many people resign themselves to do.
But we didn’t. Quite honestly, the “sex thing,” as we playfully started calling it long ago, was too big a part of our lives. We had too much fun doing it. Our sex life was wide-ranging and fun.
And it felt amazingly good.
It wasn’t something we wanted to give up.
So we spoke about it… and we decided to treat it as we had every other problem we’d faced in our marriage. We were going at it together, as a team, and we were going to fight it and win.
This book is about our journey, from the early days when ED decided to take away something near and dear to us, to the time we decided to fight back, and then the various things we did to combat it.
This book will be frank, and will occasionally use frank language and details. But it should be frank, because we’re dealing with a very serious matter.
This book will provide you the reader some insight. And perhaps some new ideas.
No one thing works for everyone. We all know that. But we’ll discuss the things that worked for us, with the hope you’ll be willing to try some of them yourselves.
We’re all different. The trick is to consider all the tools, and to find the tools which will work best for you. If you keep an open mind and are willing to try the things we’ll discuss, we’re confident we can help.