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By | April 3, 2018

7 Ways to Make Your Feet Smile

Your feet form the foundation of your body’s structure and require being kept strong and healthy. When your feet are in distress, they cause problems in your body like pain, infections, fatigue, immobility, and so on; thus, you need to look after them with great care. To make your feet feel loved, do these to them;

Groom them
You must clean your feet every day and dry them properly. Trim your toenails to prevent brooding bacteria and causing pain when your nails hit your shoe walls as you walk. Do not cover up ugly toenails with polish because they could be a sign of trouble.

Examine them for problems
Take a close look at your feet and look out for scaling on the soles and peeling in between your toes which are a sign of athlete’s foot. Look out for discolored toenails which are a sign of fungus. Take care of all challenges you notice suitably without any hesitation.

Moisturize them
The wear and tear on your feet causes dry, cracked, or scaly skin, mainly if you are fond of open shoes. Nourish your feet’s skin with a generous layer of moisturizer. Avoid wearing moisturizer in between your toes to keep them dry and prevent the development of bacteria.

Wear socks
Sweat creates a perfect environment for bacteria to develop and harm your feet. Socks will wick away sweat and protect your feet from wear and tear. Socks made from natural fibers like cotton and wool are ideal for excellent moisture absorption. Athletes can use high-performance socks because they absorb sweat and don’t compress as much as natural fiber socks do when they soak in sweat.

After a long day of being on your feet, wear foot alignment socks to separate, stretch, and align your toes. They help to minimize the effects of distress caused by improper, narrow, and confining footwear. My Happy Feet provides the toe separator socks for people of all ages.

Wear cozy shoes
Your shoes should be a good fit at all times. Tightly fitting shoes develop hammer toes, ingrown nails, corns, and pain. Oversized shoes do not allow your soles rest in place, leading to blisters, calluses, and sore heels. Avoid wearing high heels regularly to prevent damaging the bones of your feet and spine. Wear breathable shoes every chance you get and alternate your pairs to keep them dry.

Take them for a walk
A daily walk will keep your feet muscles firm, and your tendons and ligaments flexible. Strong feet are more resilient to pressure and are not easily injured. If walking makes your feet sore, use arch support inserts to keep your feet in the proper position as you walk and shoe inserts to absorb shock, and walk on soft ground.

Safeguard them
Avoid all things that are can harm your feet like sharing footwear, walking barefoot in public spaces, straining them too much, walking on rough surfaces, etc.