B-12 Injection-Used For The Treatment

By | April 6, 2018

Vitamin B-12 injection is used for the treatment of patients which are suffering from pernicious anemia and other types of side effects. Vitamin B-12 is very essential for the growth of our body tissues and in the formation of blood also. This injection is used for speedy cure and recovery. There is a drug used in this injection named cyanocobalamin which affects quickly. This injection is used to maintain the vitamin B 12 level and also used to reduce stress. This injection can be used under the instructions of Doctor.

Availability of B-12

1000Mcg/ml 10mL (Cyanocobalamin) 
Cyanocobalamin 1000Mcg/ml, 10ml
Cyanocobalamin 1000Mcg/ml, 30ml

1000Mcg/ml 1mL each
1000Mcg/ml, 10 ml each
100Mcg/ml, 1ml each

1.  How should I take B-12 injection?

These should be taken only under the instructions of doctor.

2. Which ingredients are used in B-12 injections?


3. What are the Precautions while using vitamin B-12 injections?

We shouldn’t intake large quantity of vitamins without asking our Doctor. It can be dangerous for the new born babies and the patients of kidney diseases and infections.

4. What are the symptoms of deficiency of vitamin B-12 in our body?

Headache, cool hands and feet, fatigue, constipation, pain in chest and lack of breathing.

5. What should we discuss to the doctor before using vitamin B-12?

Ask about any type of infection.
Ask about any kidney disease.
Is there any deficiency of iron and folic acid.


Vitamin B 12 is a complex of all vitamins.
Cobalamin is a coenzyme of vitamin B12  which is very beneficial for our body and it keeps the red blood cells healthy. 
It helps in the proper growth of body vessels and tissues.
Anemia disease can also be treated by using vitamin B12.

Side Effects:

1. It may be the cause of swelling on whole of your body.
2. There may be Headache.
3. You can feel yourself thirsty in excess.
4. You can feel weakness in body muscles.
5. You can feel Breathlessness.
6. You can feel yourself dead tired.
7. Redness and itching on injected area.
8. It may be the cause of irregular heartbeat.

Always ask your doctor if you feel any type of problem because your doctor has prescribed

Directions to use Vitamin B12 injection:

First of all your syringe should be of one time use only. And it also should be sealed. You should use injection yourself if you have awareness that how to inject it in your skin then try yourself otherwise ask to your doctor to inject in your skin. After locating the appropriate site on your skin, rub that area with the wet cotton by alcohol to clean the area where you have to inject for removing the germs. Now push the syringe into the cleaned area of skin with your dominant hand.

Reasons for the deficiency of vitamin B12 in body

It happens due to the low or nil absorption of vitamin B12 by the intestine

Due to the inflammation in intestine it affects gastrointestinal tract which makes the cause of deficiency of vitamin B12 in body.

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