How to Cure a Cough?

By | April 10, 2018

If you have to suffer from a cough, it really annoys your health in terms of causing headache, weakening your body, and so on. However, most people do not know how to overcome this cough best and the following tips may be of great importance for you to treat this illness.


To begin with, you should find out what leads to your cough. If your cough is just a common cold, the simple step is to use some counter treatments. Nevertheless, if it is caused by your allergy to something, especially food allergy, you had better stop eating or using such things. Moreover, if your cough becomes worse, it is advisable to meet your doctor for some consultations. One more thing, the best way to cure your cough is to know the sorts of cough you are suffering. Let’s see over these following main kinds of cough:


Food allergy can be the cause of cough


Dry cough

A person gets ill with a dry cough


A dry cough begins from high up in chest or throat and produces very little mucus. Hence, with a dry cough, you should have more moisture in your home by sitting in a warm bath or taking a warm shower. Besides, you can utilize an air purifier or vaporizer to add some moisture. Additionally, the sucking motion will supply more saliva to lubricate the throat and chest. Thus, you are wiser to select sweets specifically designed to ease coughs because these will contain ingredients such as menthol or honey.



Chesty cough

Chesty cough


A chesty cough starts from deep within chest and produces lots of mucus. With chest cough, it is better to do is cut dairy out of your diet since dairy will raise the amount of mucus and make it worse. Thus, you should drink an expectorant cough medicine to clear your chest and make bringing up mucus easier. Furthermore, if you cough a lot when you are sleeping, you may elevate your head and chest by using extra pillows to prop your head up.


Your cough can lead to headache and body weakness



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