Ayurveda For Acne

By | April 13, 2018


Ayurvedic Name: Yuvan Pidika

Responsible Dosha: Vat & Kapha  

This is a problem which is encountered by almost everyone at the time of adolescence. Its prevalence is similar for both sexes but the peak age of severity for males is from the age of 17 to 19, and for females it is 16-17. However, sometimes a person may experience the problem at an elder age too.

In our today’s life Acne is a common skin disease characterized by pimples on the face, chest and back. It occurs when the pores of the skin become clogged with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria.According to Ayurveda Acne is a message from your body telling you that something is wrong inside with your body dosha system like your stomach is upset, having acidity, changes in dietary habits or it means your moving from healthy diet to unhealthy diet or life style.

According Ayurveda acne is known as Yuvan Pidika. This is found more often in adolescent when there is excessive secretion from the oil glands, according to ayurveda distortion in the air (vat Dosha) and phlegm (Kapha Dosha) causes further distortion of the blood or Rakt Dhatu.


Age: teenagers are more prone to develop acne.

Cosmetics: Make-up and any other chemical treatment can make acne worse.

Disease: If a person is having history of long term chronic illness or regular gastero-intestinal problem or Hormonal disorders can increase the severity of acne problems in girls.

Drugs: Acne can develop as a result of using certain drugs. (tranquilizers, antibiotics, oral contraceptives, and steroids).

Personal hygiene: Strong soaps, hard scrubbing, and pricking at pimples can make acne worse.

Stress: Emotional stress can contribute to acne.

Environment: Exposure to polluted environment & sweating can also make the condition worse.

Gender: Boys are more likely to develop acne and tend to have more serious cases than girls.

Diet: Fatty & oily foods can affect acne.


It is characterized by comedones (blackheads), papules (pimples), and pustules (blisters). Sometimes it leads to darkening of the skin, crusted, or puffy skin.

 Inflamed pores can cause pain or itching. The most troubling aspect of acne for many people is the scarring that can occur. And, while acne may not be very noticeable, individuals tend to be sensitive about their appearance. Teenagers especially may become concerned about the way other people react to them.


1. Pawan – Mukta Asana

Benefits: cure gas trouble, fat loss and help to release excess of Vata from body, tone up skin.

Description of the asana:

1.Lay down on floor hold your breath, Stretch out your toes. Clasp right knee by both hands and in a slow movement press your knee toward your stomach. stay in same position for 4-5 seconds, then touch your nose with your knee

2.Exhale and release your legs to original position in a slow movement.

3.Repeat this with left knee and subsequently with both knees together. This completes one set.

4.Carry out this set two more times.

2. Matsya Asana- Fish Posture

Take the postion of Shava-asana. lay down on floor and relax your whole body for few seconds

then take a deep breath inhale and raise the head, shoulders, back and upper arms off the floor arching the back and raising the chest up. Tilt the head back and place the top of the head flat on the floor.

Now raise the elbows off the floor bring your hands up just below the chest and join them at the palms with the fingers pointing straight up. Hold for the duration of the inhale breath or breath gently through the nostrils to remain in the posture longer.

Then return to the Shava-asana.

Nutritional Influences:

Eat a well-balanced diet high in fiber, zinc, and raw fruits and vegetables and avoid foods and foods high in iodine, such as table salt. In one experimental study, patients experienced a rapid clearing of acne following supplementation with one ounce of bran cereal daily. Drink plenty of water.

Daily care :

Gently wash-do not scrub-the affected areas once or twice every day. Use lukewarm wateAvoid rough cleansers.

Choose only oil-free cosmetics. Shampoo often and wear hair away from the face.

Give dry pimples a limited amount of sun exposure.

Do not prick or squeeze pimples. Keep Your Hands Away from Your Skin

Reduce stress.

Shave gently and avoid opening up existing lesions.

Home Remedies

According to Ayurveda, Acne is caused due to aggravation of Kapha & pitta. A few easy and simple tips for Acne cure & prevention are:

A popular natural remedy involve grinding down an orange peel into a mixture of water and directly applying it to the areas where acne is visible. The same can be done with lemon juice

Garlic is noted as being able to cure a wide variety of imbalances in the body, including skin problems. In terms of acne, garlic is very successful in being able to significantly clear up acne problems. So long as you don’t mind the smell of garlic, you can rub the affected acne areas with garlic several times a day and ingest it daily in order to get the desired results.

Cucumber is widely used in these mixtures. So it isn’t so surprising to discover to learn that rubbing grated cucumber over your face, eyes, and neck will help to prevent acne.

Prepare paste by adding cinnamon powder .apply on the affected area

Prepare paste by Kali Mirch, Lal chandan, and Jaiphal.

Take 2 teaspoon rose syrup mixed in a glass full of water empty stomach once or twice daily ,application of rose water locally is also helpful in acne.

Steam the face while boiling a few leaves of holy basil and Neemin water.

Local application of coconut water and intake also helps in acne.

Roast orange lentil (Masoor dal) in ghee. Allow to cool down gradually. Make paste with milk apply on pimple. Allow it dry, then remove gently with cold water.

Therapeutical preparations:

Panchtikt Gugglu Ghrit -1 Tablespoon with milk Once a day

Arogyavardhini Vati- 1 Tablet Twice a day

Trifla -1 Tablespoon At bedtime with Luke water

Khadirarisht -2 Tablespoon medicine +2 Tablespoon water Twice a Day

I hope this will help alot , even after these formulation and applying such things if someone is not getting relief then kindly write me for more amazing herbs and formulation which will help even in wost cases after determining you dosha ( parkurity) nature dominent in body .

My aims is to spread awareness for healthy living and balance in every human being life sharing ancient knowledge. AYURVEDA

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