How You Can Treat Sleep Problems

By | April 13, 2018

If night after night, you find yourself tossing and turning on the bed without a single moment of sleep, then it is highly likely that you are suffering from insomnia. Many find themselves running to the doctor’s office to get medication for inducing sleep without actually trying to establish the main reason for sleep deprivation.

Non-Chemical Ways of Dealing with Sleep Problems

Non-chemical ways of dealing with sleep disorders caused by anxiety can be used because they normally have limited negative side effects on the body. Non chemical methods are usually less intrusive on the body and are not likely to introduce foreign substances into our bodies. Audio therapy is a breakthrough method of treating sleep disorders and it involves the use of pulses and tones which are received through the ears and processed in the brain.

The sound frequencies are received as therapeutic signals that create the appropriate brain activity needed to induce sleep. This method is not harmful to the body and one is unlikely to get addictive to it which is the case with many medications. In addition to this, audio therapy is able to offer relative remedy for both the sleeping and anxiety disorders.

Why you Must Use Sound Signals

The audio signals transmitted to the brain may be in form of soothing music which is encoded with specific unobtrusive signals which relax the both the body and mind. A different form of audio treatment known as binaural audio therapy uses two sets of pulses and tones for each particular ear at a similar frequency but at different phases.

When these signals get to the brain, they are received as a single signal which stimulates a certain wave of activity in the brain that induces sleep. In order for the signal to be received appropriately in both ears, the user will be required to wear a headset. This may be a little bit uncomfortable for some individuals at first but after a while, they can get used to them.

The Truth about Audio Therapy

Anxiety and Insomnia can get serious unless decisive action is taken, the conditions could get out of control and even cause chronic insomnia. Audio therapy is a safe method that in many cases overrides the alternative of buying drugs over the counter or going for prescription medicines. Dependency is a major concern with over the counter medications and it may be inevitable that these drugs will have side effects.

This is likely to hamper the efforts to counter the sleeping problems and anxiety. Long term use of medicine is also said to make users develop some resistance which means the same medication will not be effective any more. The use of non-drug related methods to treat anxiety and sleep problems is likely to be the safer route.

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