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By | April 17, 2018

How to Prepare for Knee Replacement Surgery.

Knee pain is not something you want to live with which is why you have to take the alternative if you find one. Replacement surgery has become quite common and it is something you should consider. You should start by figuring out how your life is going to change following the surgery and what you are going to do to make sure you are not limited. You are not going to get around on your own that easily the first week after surgery and you may have to hire help or ask a friend of some of your family members to come to your help. After you have figured out how you are going to deal with life after the knee replacement surgery, there will be nothing stopping you from having the surgery done.

Your surgeon is supposed to know everything but remember that he or she cannot pour all the medical jargon to you unless he or she knows what information you are seeking which is why you should not hold back any questions you may be having in order to get knee replacement advice. Questions like the time the surgery will take, the anesthetic drugs to be used, rehab and even the need to bank blood prior are all relevant. Make sure you have taken notes in case you may forget in the future or you want a reference. If you need emotional support during the meeting then feel free to take someone close to you to the doctor and if they have questions too encourage them to ask because between the two of you getting everything right will be very easy. Make sure you are exercising before the procedure because when the body is fit physically then healing will be faster. In your journey to physical fitness make sure you are not doing too much because this will not have the effect you wanted. Since this is mostly an elective surgery, you can push the dates so that you will have enough time to take care of your physical fitness.

There are some lifestyle habits that are not going to sit well with your surgery which is why you should make adjustments. Make sure you have addressed your smoking or drinking habits because they do not go well with the drugs used during surgery and even recovery and given that it will be for the benefit of your body, this should not be a huge sacrifice for you to make. Because physical therapy will be a must once the recovery is done, start learning some of the activities you will be doing during your rehabilitation.