Kidney Disease in Dogs

By | April 19, 2018

Whether you are looking forward in your puppy’s future or you have an older dog whose health you want to look out for, you will find that it might be helpful to learn more about kidney disease as it occurs in dogs. Especially as they get older, kidney failure can become a real issue. Your dog might need to deal with a chronic condition, where their kidneys will simply have issues functioning, or they might be dealing with a sudden severe toxicity.

First, take a look at the causes of kidney disease in dogs. Age will simply lower your dog’s resistance to disease, but kidney problems can stem from things as diverse as viruses, fungal infections, or parasites. Cancer can also leave your dog vulnerable, as can toxic reactions to medications or accidental poisoning. Autoimmune disorders can result in kidney disease in dogs and it is important that some dogs will have inherited a predisposition towards these conditions from their parents.

How can you tell if your dog might be developing kidney disease? There are many signs that can point towards kidney disease in your dog but remember that these signs can indicate other problems as well. It is imperative that you watch your dog closely and discern his patterns of behavior, especially as he gets older. Some of the common indicators of kidney disease include increased water consumption, especially when paired with decreased urination, vomiting, lack of bladder control, and weight loss. Also, be vigilant if your dog seems to have suddenly lost energy and has a reluctance to move.

When you are looking at treatment for kidney disease in dogs, it is important to remember that there is a difference between emergency treatment of an issue that has suddenly gotten worse and ongoing maintenance treatment. Fluid therapy, where your dog is encouraged to get more water into his system is important and along with this, monitoring how much your dog eats and drinks is essential towards figuring out what is going on in his body. In many cases, veterinarians will also recommend a change to a high quality protein diet that will help reduce the stress on the kidneys. A slow change over to canned food, with monitoring to prevent anemia can be an important way to get your dog feeling fit again.

Another important way to encourage your dog to stay strong when he is suffering from kidney disease is to make sure that he is fed a small number of small meals. This will help his kidneys heal and enable them to work less hard. You may want to tempt him to eat with things like eggs, cottage cheese and yogurt, and in a case where he does not want to eat, medication to stimulate appetite can be procured.

Take a moment to make sure that you know what your options are going to be when it comes to treating kidney disease your dog. Your dog can have a long and healthy life in front of him, but it is imperative that you take a moment to figure out what you can do to look after his health.

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