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By | April 20, 2018

The Guidelines to Follow When You Want to Start a Career in Drug Counseling

Recent results show that there are more than twenty million individuals who have alcohol or a drug addiction problem. Because of the many people who are affected by drug and alcohol addiction, there is need for experts who can help them through when they are facing such problems. There are individuals who have the interest in becoming a counselor but do not know where to begin from or what they require. You can finally get to study your dream course of drug counseling because there are important tips that will help you. The first tip so that you start a career in drug counseling is that you will have to have a degree in any relevant field. However, you have to note that particular requirements vary from one country to the other.

An associate degree can also help you get enrolled in an institution that trains those who want to be drug counselors. Getting an associate degree is a nice idea because it takes a short while a getting a degree takes longer but you will have a better understanding of how things need to be done. Although having a bachelors degree is a good starting point, for you to quickly get a job then you have to advance your education and achieve a masters degree. Classes such as substance abuse models and counseling theory will be included in your master’s degree course. As you study more about drug counseling, more other classes like pharmacology and psychotherapy will be added. Securing a loan will help you attend the required classes and finish your course well.

The second tip for you to follow so that you start a career in drug counseling is to work under an experienced person so that you get the knowledge. However, the number of hours that you are supposed to operate under a licensed drug counselor will vary from one country to another. The experience gained will help you to connect with that which you learned in the classroom. Having the necessary education is not enough because you will be evaluated to see if you are fit to be a drug counselor.

Before an employer finally employs you, they will have to confirm if your licenses and certifications are genuine. Depending on the department or field that you are going to operate in, a background check will have to be carried out. Another last tip for becoming a drug counselor is that you will need to prepare for a licensing exam which is important for someone who wants to practice in the field of addiction and mental health.