Olive Leaf Extract is Nature’s Natural Antibiotic

By | May 5, 2018

Olive leaf extract is rapidly becoming recognized as nature`s natural antibiotic. Extensive research has determined that a compound within this extract, known as oleuropein contains amazing healing properties that fight bacteria, diseases, viruses, parasites and fungal infections.

This ancient tree has been on earth since the beginning of time and is mentioned in Genesis, the first book of the bible. Both the fruit of the olive tree and the leaves have provided many uses since that time as a food, for beauty, health and healing. This article will focus on the olive leaf extract and how it can do wonders for your health.

It has been discovered that the compound oleuropein, that is contained within this extract, inactivates bacteria by dissolving the outer layer of the microbe that is causing the disease. In 1992 French biologists discovered it to be very effective in inhibiting or killing the herpes virus.

Due to the fact that antibiotics are ineffective in combating viral infections such as colds and flu and there are increasing numbers of antibiotic resistant microorganisms around the world, this knowledge may be of extreme importance to you. This old fashioned remedy could become a modern day boon as it is quickly becoming known as a natural anti-infectious disease remedy.

Success using olive leaf extract has also been found in those with HIV and the AIDS virus, Epstein-Barr virus, malaria, dengue fever, shingles, surgical infections, hepatitis and many other infections. This substance also contains high antioxidant qualities which are good for the heart and circulation, chronic fatigue and as an energy booster.

Now that you have this information to ponder on, you may not realize that not all natural products are of equal quality, so do your research first. For starters, make sure you are purchasing a standardized product so that you are getting the right concentrated amount and the processing standards are high.

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