A Brief Introduction To Centrifuge And Few Of Its Variants

By | September 6, 2018

Centrifugation is a laboratory process in which centrifugal force is used for sedimentation of heterogeneous mixtures in laboratories. This process is basically used for separating two liquids that are immiscible in nature. The equipment which is used for accomplishing this laboratory process is known as centrifuge. This equipment comprises of a high speed motor and it basically spins liquid samples at high speed, to segregate high density and low density particles, for medical or scientific purposes. Centrifuge is mostly used in laboratories and it is quite efficient in separating liquids of varied densities.

Centrifuge is an equipment, which is used for rotating a sample of heterogeneous mixture around a fixed axis. This equipment operates on sedimentation principle and it uses centripetal acceleration for separating lighter and denser particles. The particles which have a lesser density move towards the center of the tube, while the heavier particles move outwards in a circular motion. Centrifuge is mostly used in various industrial and scientific applications. The design and configuration of this equipment, is in accordance with the different applications and work processes in which it is employed.

Refrigerated Centrifuge

High speed refrigerated centrifuge is also a variant of laboratory centrifuges, which is mostly used in scientific applications. Refrigeration can be counted as an added feature to the regular centrifuge, which is used in laboratories. This feature has immensely helped in analyzing RNA, PCR, DNA, and antibodies. This high speed centrifuge can run at an extremely high speed of 30,000 rpm (rotation per minute). There are many more features that make this centrifuge suitable for laboratory applications and with various technological advancements, this equipment has become more functional and easy to operate.

Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

Refrigerated microcentrifuge is another popular variant of laboratory centrifuges and, it is specially used for separating liquid samples that are below 2 ml in quantity. This equipment is basically used in medical applications and is used for separating liquid biological extracts. Refrigerated microcentrifuge is mostly employed for analysis of animal and human biological samples for medical or scientific purposes. Many tubes of samples can be spinned at once in this centrifuge and it is designed to efficiently separate cellular organelles and microbes. There are many more variants of refrigerated centrifuges and if you have need for this equipment, then you should first assess your application requirement. This will help you in getting a centrifuge, which is in accordance with your application needs.

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