Man Alive! Change Your Eating Habits and Become More Productive

By | September 28, 2018

How to discover whether use food to cope with boredom, lack of inspiration, stagnancy, etc.

Do you ever struggle with low energy, a lack of clarity or motivation, or waning sexual power?

Would you like to be clearer, more effective and more powerful?

Something people often miss in relation to these complaints is that your diet could be causing them!

What and how you eat doesn’t only affect your body, it has a massive impact on your ability to create a productive and meaningful life.

This week’s Man Alive podcast was an eye-opener for me and I’m sure will be powerful for you!

In this conversation with Daniel Thomas Hind, founder of EvolutionEat, we covered:

  • The disempowering impact of eating on everything from well-being to self-confidence and even relationships
  • Why most people can’t and won’t sustain diets
  • The particular struggles and isolation Daniel sees men face with food
  • How to discover whether use food to cope with boredom, lack of inspiration, stagnancy, etc.
  • Mindset, strategy and habits for eating that allow you to live a more meaningful life.

Daniel helps tens of thousands of people with the mindset, strategy and habits around eating, to make a more meaningful life possible!

Even men at the top of their game find themselves wanting more from life. Man Alive is the resource for men who want more meaning, a bigger impact, unshakable confidence, a hotter sex life, more money, deeper love, solid friendships or a powerful legacy.

A version of this post was originally posted on and is republished here with permission from the author.

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