How to Promote your Podcast

By | October 1, 2018

As a continuing medical education (CME) conference organizer, you may be considering adding a podcast to your marketing plan.  Podcasts are growing in popularity, but it takes time and energy to grow your following and become a hit. So, your marketing team will need to come up with a strategy that is carefully crafted to help yield results in the long run.

According to the latest statistical report on podcasts, Americans have over 112 million podcast listeners that are expanding steadily by 10-15% yearly. The majority of listeners are in the age group of 25 -54 and normally subscribe to about 6 podcasts a month. As a CME organizer, it will be a good strategy to have your conference podcasts in the range of 30-45 minutes.
Nearly 52% of listeners usually listen to podcasts while they are driving and 70% of overall podcast listeners use iTunes to access their podcast subscriptions.
To successfully promote your podcast here are a few things to consider:

Email promotion: As a CME medical conference organizer, make sure to send an email reminder 3 days prior to the release of the podcast and again on the day of the podcast.  Include images, quotes, and small snippets from the show to attract a bigger audience.

iTunes, Google, and Social Media: iTunes has the biggest market share of podcasts, so make sure you submit your podcast to iTunes and create a Google profile. Don’t forget to add your images, tweets, and a Facebook post advertising the podcast for sharing on various social media outlets. YouTube is another amazing channel on which podcasts can be uploaded and shared with the hopes of making them viral.

Collaboration: This is another useful strategy for podcasters to collaborate with other renowned podcast celebrities to improve their audience reach, marketing, and create better content. It is helpful to have other celebrities talk about your podcast on their social media channels or opt for paid promotions.
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