3 Things to know before buying a bicycle

By | October 22, 2018
3 Things to know before buying a bicycle
3 Things to know before buying a bicycle

3 Things to know before buying a bicycle : There are so many benefits of riding a bicycle. It can save you a good amount of money when you use it to go to work instead of the car. Bicycling also has immense heath benefits, you know, well for your heart rate, weight loss and others. If you are of the sentiment that we owe the future generations a good environment, then start riding today. No emissions, remember.

However, to have fun on the saddle, you need to buy the right bicycle. This can be easy or hard depending on a few things.

Here are the most important things to consider:

The Budget Determines the Features You Will Get with Your Bicycle

This rule pretty much applies to anything in the world. More money means more features and vice versa. For more money, you will get more features and you will be glad you have them. In fact, based on your budget, you can build your own bicycle.

A bicycle is like a car and the more features it has for functionality and for comfort, the more fun it is to ride. If you are going to ride every day or at least 3 to 5 days a week, then it had better be a good one. Thus, before you go for that $ 300 dollar bike, ask yourself just how comfortable it will be, and for how long.

Perhaps you need to understand the kind of features that you need in your bicycle. One, it must have a sturdy frame made of metal. Two, the drivetrain must be extra strong and should offer good speeds, say, with 7 to 24 gears. Third, you should look for one with disc, cable controlled brakes. Even rim brakes are not bad. You can get these features for about $ 500, perhaps slightly more.

For about $ 1000, you can find a bike that has hydraulic disc brakes, light tires and wheels so you can ride faster when you need to without pulling too much weight.

If you are ready to pay anything more than $ 1000, be ready for an out of this world state of the art bicycle. Feather light or carbon fiber frame, shock-absorbent suspension on the front and hydraulic disc brakes are some of the features you will get. In addition, you will also get light wheels and rims. This would make a perfect racing bicycle.

If you wish to go biking on a beach, you should consider the best beach cruiser just like you can go for city bikes when biking around the city is the goal.

You Will Need Bicycle Accessories

When you invest in a bicycle, you also need to buy the required accessories. Some of these include the helmet, which is mandatory in many states. It is also paramount for the protection of your head should you crash your bicycle.

When coming up with the budget of your bicycle, you will also need to consider the price of the accessories. Consider buying a holder for the water bottle, a pair of riding shorts (padded for comfort and crotch protection), a bicycle pump and a tool kit. All these may or may not be included in the cost of the bicycle. You had better ask before placing that order online.

While you do not need to buy all of the accessories on one go, you will still buy them in future. There will also be the running costs to consider. Don’t worry; they will not be as high as those of running a car.

Be Keen On the Size

You know there is more to the bicycle size than just big, medium or small. Many people wonder whether they can get the right size when they order their bicycle online. The answer is yes. Before buying that bicycle though, read some user reviews and check the size from the description. Getting a bicycle online is cheaper as you buy directly from the dealer and then it is delivered in a box so you can assemble it and ride.

The right size bike should be comfortable to ride, be able to give your arms a bend at the elbows when they are on the handlebars. It should have as many adjustable features as possible.

While it might be challenging to buy the first bicycle, you eventually get the hang of it and later, you will be glad you invested in one.

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3 Things to know before buying a bicycle

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