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By | June 28, 2019

What The Bible Says About Money

The topic about finances is very sensitive. Majority of people like to keep the information about their finances very secretive. Although Christians have been confused about whether it right to save money or not. Christians are trying to figure out on the best things to do about our finances. The word of God has many verses that talk about how people should use their money. In the book of proverbs Christians are supposed to owner God with their first product without fail. Even to date we can still do the same even in the modern world For more info. about this site is helpful.

One of the values that the Bible talks about is that Christians should be good stewards of their possession. In the ancient times a steward meant a person used to take care of other peoples belongings. The meaning of this is to show that people should take charge of their property as it belongs to another person. Whenever people are given authority to manage another person’s possessions they take count of every to dine because they have to explain it to the owner. In this case Christians believe that everything they have in this world belongs to the almighty God and so they should spend it wisely. In the book of Colossians, it states that the faithful will be rewarded this website is essential about the topic.

The issue about requesting for loans is also an issue that Christians think about. There are verses that state that Christians should be watchful regarding the loans they take. There is need to take a loan that we are sure that we can pay for. It is not appropriate to borrow what we cannot afford to pay. The Bible also states that those people that lead to others should not expect the money to be returned. This is because as Christians we are supposed to be generous with our money. Timothy 6:10 states that that the love of money is the root course of all evil.

Christians are described in the Bible that they should only spend money for a good reason. Borrowing a loan to handle serious matters is not wrong, such as paying for tuition fees and many more. It is also okay to save to do useful projects such as planning for a new baby. Other needs is taking care of the needy in society. As long as one is not taking a loan to misuse the money.

There is a lot to say on what the word of God says about the Bible. Christians should ensure they keep track of their money. Keeping truck of their money means ensuring they can explain what they did with their money. A Christian is able to have the conscious that tells them when they are misusing their money and when they are spending the money wisely. Hence as Christians before making any decision regarding our finances, we should check at what the scripture says these information here is relevant.

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