How strong antidepressants quotes

By | May 4, 2020

how strong antidepressants quotes

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as “antidepressants” Showing of Doctor: Not so sick, my lord, as she is troubled with thick-coming fancies that keep her from rest. Macbeth: Cure her of that! Canst thou not minister to a mind diseased, pluck from the memory a rooted sorrow, raze out the written troubles of the brain, and with some sweet oblivious antidote cleanse the stuffed bosom of that perilous stuff which weighs upon her heart.

Sometimes the only way to understand depression is by hearing the wisdom of others. When we get wrapped up in our point of view, we may not be able to see things clearly. This is why we’ve compiled ten depression quotes that can help put life and mental illness in a proper perspective. Some of the quotes might hit close to your heart, while others may challenge you to expand your mindset on an issue. Dealing With Depression Is Hard. We Can Help. Source: pexels.

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