What are hylo eye drops

By | May 17, 2020

what are hylo eye drops

Folgen Sie uns Kooperationspartner. The drops have a highly viscous consistency and are therefore ideal for the special needs of severe and chronic eye symptoms. In addition, they are outstandingly well-suited to supporting the healing of eyes following an operation. In these cases, they can be prescribed by the doctor and the costs can be paid by health insurance funds. This is hardly surprising, as the symptoms can be accompanied not only by unsightly redness, but also by a scratching, burning or painful foreign body sensation in the eye. The reason for this is usually insufficient productsion of lacrimal fluid. But also when the tear film has a disrupted composition, it can lead to the normal lubrication of the surface of the eye no longer being possible. The eyes start to water and yet are not protected against drying out and irritation. Defective or insufficient lubrication of the eye can lead to drying out and damage of the cornea and increase the risk of infection.

Prime the system before first use: Place two fingers on the base and your thumb on the shoulder of the bottle. Press firmly on the base and release. Repeat this several times until the first drop is released. Now the bottle is primed and ready for use. Application : For better control and accuracy, make a base with one hand to support the hand holding the bottle. Lean your head back slightly and gently pull down your lower eyelid. This enables the bottle to release one single drop into the eye. Release and repeat for the other eye.

Why is preservative free important that the liquid can spread over the surface of your. FAQs: questions and answers. Itchy eyes.

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