How long muscle relaxants otc

By | May 27, 2020

how long muscle relaxants otc

Muscle relaxants are used to relieve muscle spasms which may result from some conditions which affect the nervous system. Muscle spasms and tightness may also follow long-term injuries to the head or back. Muscle spasm can also occur as part of a more short-term condition or injury, such as low back pain or whiplash. Medication helps the muscles to relax, which may also reduce pain and discomfort. Muscle relaxants are medicines that are used to prevent and reduce muscle spasms and tightness spasticity.

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Otc muscle relaxants how long

If you’ve ever had a back or neck muscle spasm, you know it can be exceptionally painful, and even debilitating. Muscle relaxants are widely used to treat these conditions, although there is limited evidence they actually help relieve symptoms. Many experts think the drugs’ side effect of sedation is what actually helps people. But some of the drugs pose a risk of serious problems, including liver toxicity and addiction. Adding a muscle relaxant to the mix has not been shown in studies to be any better at providing relief from this kind of pain than just taking one of the OTC pain relievers. People with liver or kidney disease, heart issues, or glaucoma should not use them, however. Additionally, they also pose serious safety concerns, particularly for elderly people.

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