4 Healthy Ways to Handle Life’s Stressors

By | June 12, 2020

If stress keeps you from doing day-to-day tasks, you can manage it without seeking the help of a healthcare expert. Let’s see how…

A stressor is a biological or chemical agent, an event, an external stimulus or an environmental condition that leads you to develop stress. From a psychological point of view, a stressor could be a series of environmental changes or events that you might consider challenging, threatening or demanding.

Some of the events that trigger stress or depression are as follows.

  • Environmental Stressors — Elevated sound level, hypothermic or hyperthermic temperature, overcrowding and over-illumination
  • Life Changes — Divorce, breakup, and bereavement
  • Daily Stress Events — Lack of money, poor quality of life, traffic, lost keys, and no physical activities
  • Workplace Stressors — Increasing demand of the job, repeated sustained exertion, low job control, office clutters, forceful exertion and extreme posture
  • Chemical Stressors — Drugs, tobacco and alcohol
  • Social Stressors — Family demands and societal demands

In any of these ways, stress can make your life miserable and it is very important to handle life’s stressors as soon as possible.

Here are different ways to deal with this mental or psychological problem.

Reframe Your Thinking

Research has now proved that people need to reframe their thinking in order to get rid of stress. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is recommended to those who are suffering from this problem. The base of this therapy is that we should change or behaviors or control our emotions to a great extent.

Reframing your thoughts means you need to change the way you respond to a particular situation. For example, if you find yourself struggling with something, it is better to move on and try to make yourself happy. You must set realistic expectations and strive for acceptance of matters or situations that you cannot control.

Cultivate Social Support

If you have been living a lonely life, you may develop stress. Strong social support is always needed to stay fit, healthy and active. This can improve your resilience to depression and stress.

We suggest you make a couple of friends or spend some time with your relatives once or twice a week. You may prepare a meal at home and invite everybody to your home on the weekend. Give support to take support, as this will increase positive emotions and decrease negative emotions.

Relax Your Muscles

Stress can cause your muscles to tense. You may also have a headache, backache or general fatigue. So, it is important to combat stress as early as possible, and the best ways to do so are taking a warm bath, massaging for several minutes and stretching your body on a plain surface.

In addition, you can try progressive muscle relaxation. This method helps reduce depression, anxiety, and stress while improving your overall mental and physical health. To practice progressive muscle relaxation, you should get in a comfortable position and select one of your muscle groups. Next, you have to contract the muscles for 10 to 15 minutes. Practitioners often encourage us to begin with the lower body and work our way up.

Eat Nutritious Food

While dealing with a stressor, your central nervous system will release cortisol and adrenaline. Both of these hormones affect the digestive system and change the physiology of your body by the whole. Health experts claim that high cortisol is linked with high sugar consumption. This prompts the deposition of fats around various internal organs and may cause metabolic diseases and cardiovascular problems.

A diet that has lots of nutrients is needed for both physical and mental health. It will provide you with more energy to deal with day-to-day challenges. What we mean to say is that the consumption of sugar and other unhealthy things must be avoided. Make a plan for yourself and begin eating fruits and vegetables every day. In addition, you should avoid using substances like alcohol.

Do you have the problem of stress?

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