Why is ginger tea for weight loss

By | June 20, 2020

why is ginger tea for weight loss

Ginger is one of the oldest spices in the world, having been consumed for thousands of years dating back to about B. Did you know that you can use ginger for weight loss too? This powerful spice actually works in many different ways to help you shed those extra pounds! Ginger is a rhizome with an underground stem that looks like a thick root. You can actually grow the ginger found at your grocery stores by simply dividing its rhizomes rather than from seed. Another common thing that comes to mind is making gingerbread during the holidays. Ginger is a thermogenic food that can raise the temperature of the body by burning stored up body fat, resulting in a boost to your metabolism and reduced fat storage.

Make sure you drink it hot, not warm, for best results. For weight loss, a good digestive system is a must. Consuming thermogenic ingredients like ginger may boost your metabolism by up to 5 percent, and increase fat burning by up to 16 percent 1.

There are many foods and diet plans that claim to miraculously shed extra weight from the body. We all wish that was true but unfortunately, it’s not. A healthy diet and active physical lifestyle combined together is the best and the easiest way to lose weight effectively. In a weight-loss-friendly diet, it goes without saying that more of foods and beverages that promote weight loss should be included. Green teas and herbal teas are extremely beneficial in achieving fitness goals.

Zingiber officinale is a spice commonly known as ginger that originated in Southeast Asia and was used by the Chinese as a medicine to treat common ailments. The spice has a high content of gingerol, which has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The use of ginger was eventually spread to Mediterranean regions by traders where it was cultivated and used to flavor dishes as well as being used as a medicinal herb. The 15th-century ships carried ginger plants to new regions of the Caribbean as well as Africa, and the spice is grown in most areas of the tropics today. Ginger became quite expensive in medieval times when it was imported and used in a preserved form to flavor sweets.

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