Need Some Advice with Your Polaroid Photoshoot? Sabrina Carpenter’s Gotchu

By | August 10, 2020

POV: You’re having a lil polaroid photoshoot with your bestie, but you’re struggling with what to do with your f*cking hands—and posing and lighting in general but mostly the dang hands. I know the feeling! It’s a struggle. So! Sabrina Carpenter worked with us to show YOU and your awkward hands exactly what to do to get the best polaroid shots. I suggest you start taking notes immediately.

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The first thing? A great ‘fit, obviously. I know that’s not news, but it always bodes well for a reminder! And on that note: Posing. Sabrina says she likes to put on music that fits the ~vibe~ of her outfit which helps her let loose! 10/1o recommend that those two tips will never fail you.

Also, props are important. Grab a penny board (if you wanna be cool and hip and chill like Sabrina) or just anything you can find in your kitchen. Creativity is key and a simple object may actually be a hidden treasure. Keep watching for more stellar advice—because you don’t get do-overs with polaroids.

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