5 Conservation Tips To Manage Your Lawn Mower Functioning

By | September 3, 2020

5 Conservation Tips To Manage Your Lawn Mower Functioning
5 Conservation Tips To Manage Your Lawn Mower Functioning

5 Conservation Tips To Manage Your Lawn Mower Functioning : Are you the type of person who forgets about their lawn mower immediately they stop using it? Like any other garden equipment, lawn mowers require careful management to keep them functioning at their peak.

But how one can manage their lawn mower with limited mechanical know how? You might ask. Well, it is simple. You don’t need a wealth of knowledge to manage your lawnmower well.

We have outlined here a few tips on how you would go about it. It isn’t rocket science, as you will see.

  1. Carefully go through the buyer’s manual

    Most buyers wait until they have a problem with specific equipment before reading the manual. That shouldn’t, however, be the case.

    A manual describes what you are supposed to do to keep your lawn mower in peak condition for more extended use. That is why you need to consult the manual whether the machine has an issue or not.

    It is like the maker’s letter to you on maintaining the machine until it is time to get another one. From them again, hopefully.

    So do read it because they wouldn’t have included it if it weren’t for your benefit.

  2. Clean it thoroughly before storage

    We understand that at times you might be tired after mowing your vast lawn. That’s when the temptation to store the lawn mower without cleaning it kicks in.

    Please don’t fall for it. Cleaning it won’t take much of your time anyway. All you have to do is ensure you turn it off before turning it over on its side and clean it.

    Brush away all the debris from the mower’s parts. Such debris might include grass cuttings, leaves, and mud. That should help prevent the metallic parts of the mower from rusting.

    A stiff brush can help clean the hidden parts of the machine. A stick might come in handy too. Just don’t use your hands as you might injure your fingers.

    It might not be the most enjoyable task globally, but if you need your mower in the perfect condition, you have to clean it.

  3. Drain out the old gasoline whenever you end a mowing season

    Technicians reckon that old gasoline is always most likely the culprit when petrol lawn sputter or don’t start at all.

    Running a mower with old gasoline risks the mower sputtering or not functioning as smoothly as you’d want it to.

    Gas, just like food, also tends to go bad when left for a long time. Leaving it in the machine will degrade it and ultimately affect the machine’s future performance.

  4. Sharpen the lawn mower’s blades

    Blades are one of the essential components of a lawn mower. They undergo a lot of stress due to encounters with twigs or stones when you are mowing.

    Consequently, with time they tend to become blunt. A blunt blade wouldn’t give you that clean cut you desire. They will just rip or tear through the grass instead of cutting it.

    That is why you need to keep the blades sharp. For the uninitiated, have a technician at a repair shop sharpen them for you.

    A few people sharpen the blades themselves using a file. That is, however, not recommended if you don’t have some sort of experience doing it.

    Sharper blades translate directly to faster and more efficient mowing.

  5. Closely monitor the level of oil

    The oil in your mower is critical in keeping up its smooth running. That is why you need to monitor its state and level closely.

    Check to ensure the oil isn’t overly dark and has no floating debris. If the oil has floating debris or is darker than usual, it’s time to drain it out and replace it with some new oil.

    Most lawn mowers now have drain plugs with which to drain out the oil. If your mower doesn’t have one, then you can just carefully tilt it and drain the oil through the fill hole.

    Again, don’t forget to consult the user manual before doing the above. You don’t want avoidable accidents borne of ignorance

Why Should You Carefully Manage Your Lawn mower?

Perhaps you’re wondering why you should bother with all these tips to manage your lawn mower. There are many reasons you should do that. We will highlight a few for your benefit.

  • To enhance the lawn mowers lifespan

    You surely want your lawn mower to serve you for as long as possible, don’t you? Well, these tips and a few others you might see in the manual will help prolong the mower’s lifespan.

  • For more efficient functioning

    We can’t emphasize this enough; a well-managed lawn mower will function at the peak of its powers for longer than the average machine.

    If you have ever been on the end of an inefficient performance by any machine, you would appreciate an efficiently functioning appliance.

    Manage your mower well and see the results for yourself.

  • Reducing on repair costs

    Neglected appliances are always in and out of the repair shop or at the mechanic’s place. The same way your car needs careful management to avoid breaking down, so does your lawn mower.

    You could find yourself in and out of the repair shop just because you didn’t manage the mower well enough. We wouldn’t want that for you, especially during this pandemic, when finances are quite tight.

Points to remember

  • When restarting your lawnmower after a long period without use, avoid flooding the carburetor. A heavy smell of gas should tell you if gas is flooding the carburetor.
  • Fold-down the lawn mower to make it easier for you to store. The adjustable handle makes it relatively easy to do that.
  • Check the filter for any clogging or blockages. A clogged filter will burn gas inefficiently, resulting in poor performance. You can change the filter from time to time, as they are quite affordable.


We all want our home equipment to serve us efficiently and last as long as possible. That is why you need to follow these tips for if you want your lawn mower’s proper functioning.

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5 Conservation Tips To Manage Your Lawn Mower Functioning

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