Where to buy cheap generic ativan names of the seven

By | 01.07.2017

where to buy cheap generic ativan names of the seven

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Where to buy cheap generic ativan names of the seven - moreover

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2 thoughts on “Where to buy cheap generic ativan names of the seven

  1. Bacage

    I've been using ativan for anxiety and insomnia for the last 5 or so years. Lately I have been having side effects after taking only 1-2 pills at night for sleep. It does help me fall asleep but the next day I wake up nauseous. And I'm nauseous all day. Another weird side effect that it seems no one else has experienced is that my skin feels weird, like my fingers feel like there is a coating on them...It's hard to describe but it happens every time I take ativans. I get no side effects like this from valium or xanax. I hope my doctor will switch for me.

  2. Nikazahn

    0.5mg of lorazepam::::: **** it, the first day it put me to sleep. the second day ..."whatever". Then a couple days later...(today)- NOTHING... no relief at all!!!!! by the way the freaking pschaitrist is extremely hesitant to prescribbee this stuff but forget about it...no good blah blah blah

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