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'Ativan Gang' strikes A 32-year-old Japanese tourist was victimized by suspected members of the “Ativan Gang” in Manila Sunday. Police identified the victim as Shinichi Nakamura. The victim was walking on Adriatico St. in Ermita at around 6 p.m. when the suspects – “Tessie … Read more on Tempo Manalapan Police Blotter The prescriptions that… Read More »

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Article by Randall Banks Several latest disasters get happened in our community. The death due to doctor prescribed drug addiction along with overdose. additional latest prescribed medication overdoses producing hospitalization. a single a new probable committing suicide attempt, 1 causing brain destruction, and many non-fatal overdoses tend to be influencing many existence. Numerous additional substance… Read More »

Ex-pastor convicted of manslaughter in drowning death of wife released on bail

Ex-pastor convicted of manslaughter in drowning death of wife released on bail Superior Court Justice Robert Clark sentenced him to 15 years in prison, finding that Grandine surreptitiously drugged his 29-year-old wife Anna Karissa Grandine with the sedative lorazepam and allowed to her to take a bath despite knowing there was a … Read more on… Read More »

Lowville woman accused of drug possession following disturbance

Lowville woman accused of drug possession following disturbance LOWVILLE — A Lowville woman was accused of illegally possessing a narcotic drug following a disturbance at the A Plus Mini Mart on South State Street. Village police charged Katrina R. Nugent, 21, of 9435 Fenton House Drive, with disorderly conduct, … Read more on My insomnia… Read More »

Beginner’s Guide to Overclocking Video Cards Using ATI Tools and RivaTuner

I wanted to create a simple how-to guide for overclocking video cards since today’s newer cards are fully capable of modest overclocking without damaging them, thus giving you a free performance upgrade. However is extremely important to note; overclocking technically voids most manufacturer’s warranties and can cause damage to or even ruin your video card… Read More »

Latest Ativan News

Double-Blind Study Shows Lavender Oil Capsules As Effective as Lorazepam … Remarkably, the study appears to show that the lavender oil capsules were as effective as lorazepam (Ativan) AND it had no side effects or potential for abuse. Additionally, participants experienced relief from their anxiety without any drowsiness … Read more on Patheos (blog) When… Read More »

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Ativan, Valium, other benzodiazepines added to Alberta's drug monitoring list … Ativan, Valium and other benzodiazepines have been added to Alberta's drug monitoring list over concerns of increased abuse and misuse. Effective July 1, benzodiazepines are now part of the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons' Triplicate … Read more on MetroNews Canada Single question releases… Read More »