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BabyDoc launch #Askheragain campaign for World Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week

The Baby Doc Parenting community have today launched their new campaign, #Askheragain, to mark World Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, which runs from May 4 to May 10. World Maternal Mental Health Awareness The objective of this campaign is to raise awareness about common mental health issues women face while pregnant, or in the first year… Read More »

Vicodin, OxyContin, and Other Pain Relievers (Junior Drug Awareness)

Modern medicine provides more help than ever before for people suffering from severe or chronic pain. In recent years, the marketing, prescription, and use of opioid painkillers has skyrocketed. While providing much-needed relief to millions, these narcotics have also become the most problematic prescription medications in the country, found at the center of historical numbers… Read More »

Social Anxiety Disorder Awareness

It is normal to feel nervous, even intimated, when in the presence of other people. This is especially true when we are around those whose opinions matter to us, like an employer, a potential life partner, or a peer. We are always vulnerable to the scrutiny of others, and at any moment people around us… Read More »

Benzodiazepine Awareness

My Story In Regards To Dealing With Being Poly-Drugged on various medications, most specifically BENZODIAZEPINES ( ativan,clonazepam,valium) and the withdrawal side effects of attempting to now wean off it. PLEASE visit the sites below if you are currently struggling with tolerance/withdrawal/want to get off etc www.benzobuddies.org Benzodiazepine Information and forums & support www.benzo.org.uk/manual Dr Heather… Read More »