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‘UK’s dire Covid deaths partly due to obesity and have to be a big wake-up call’

I’ve taken part in a few TV debates about the hazards of being ­overweight or obese. In fact two of them were with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. I’m wheeled on as a voice of medical good sense but it’s difficult to be ­censorious when sitting alongside a super-size model who makes her living… Read More »

As US passes 150,000 coronavirus deaths, experts at Johns Hopkins call for reset in national response

The first death in the US was reported on February 29. The country reached 50,000 deaths 54 days later on April 23, and 34 days later, on May 27, crossed 100,000 deaths. It has taken 63 days to add another 50,000 to reach the 150,000 mark. The country’s coronavirus death toll was 150,676 as of… Read More »

Sleep Disorder – To Call The Doctor Or Not?

Experiencing problem in sleeping for any great length of time could well indicate that you endure from a common sleep disorder. In the present day more than 35 million Americans reportedly endure from a continuous sleep problem (sleeping problem that lasts for a few months) and as many as 30 million extra bear from a… Read More »