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Problems With Social Anxiety Disorder

There was a time when social anxiety disorder was not acknowledged as a type of anxiety due to it’s similarity to shyness. However, the clouds have cleared and as a result, there are many Social Anxiety medications available on the market today. Although there are not many specific drugs to treat specific anxiety disorders, this… Read More »

Fighting Anxiety Disorder

The flooding of anti anxiety drugs in the market should be not be interpreted as an indication that any of these drug would solve all anxiety symptoms. Though some of these drugs share similar active ingredients, a specific drug would do more to assist the recovering of a particular form of anxiety and works best… Read More »

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Is Insomnia A Sleeping Disorder

Insomnia is one of the majority grumbles among sleep disturbances, it’s a sentiment that you haven’t slept long enough. It is typically identified by ; difficulties in falling asleep, frequently stirring at night and early awakenings that would not make you get back to sleep. Sleeplessness is said to be the indicator of a problem… Read More »

How to Fall Asleep in Less Than 30 Seconds: Sleep Secrets to Cure Insomnia Forever, Heal Your Chronic Sleep Disorder, and Hack Your Sleep Schedule So You … Sleep Deprivation, Fall Asleep Quickly)

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