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Keeping in PACE with health IT and continuous learning at the Singapore Armed Forces

In 1995, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Medical Corps introduced a large scale Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, the first of its kind in Singapore. In less than a decade, the improved second generation of the EMR was implemented and most recently, the latest generation of its EMR system was rolled out in April 2016.… Read More »

First Aid Kit (139 Pieces) – Ever-Ready Keeping You Safe in Hiking and Camping Emergencies – Fully Stocked Car and Home Medical Supplies – A Survival Kit You Can Trust

The Ultimate Safety And Survival First Aid Kit Is Now Available On Amazon! Practically Designed First Aid kit with an Incomparably Large Section of Unique Equipment That Assure 100% Safety Ever-Ready presents you with a premium quality first aid kit for your next adventure! This top notch first aid kit comes with over 30+ uniquely… Read More »

Keeping a Tab on Anxiety

Being anxious up to certain extent is normal and part of a routine mental level but when its severity crosses to particular point and anxiety becomes uncontrollable resultantly leading to many negative consequences it is an initiative of an anxiety disorder. The sign of progress in anxiety disorder can be seen when there is extreme… Read More »

11 Ridiculous Moments from Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 Meets Furious 7 ►► http://bit.ly/1IKCR9K 12 Celebrities who’ve dissed the Kardashians►►http://bit.ly/1tXzapY They are the queens of reality TV: The Kardashians. Whether you worship them, loathe them, or like to watch them walk away, you cannot doubt that they are ridiculously entertaining. The Kardashian Clan have been serving as our reality… Read More »