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Diphenhydramine HCI 25 Mg – Kirkland Brand – Allergy Medicine and AntihistamineCompare to Active Ingredient of Benadryl® Allergy Generic – 600 Count

Temporarily relief of the following symptoms: Sneezing and running nose; itching, watery eyes; hay fever symptoms; Itching of nose or throat .Temporarily relief of sneezing and running nose, itchy watery eyes, hay fever symptoms and itching of nose or throat. Relief from sneezing and running nose Itching, Watery Eyes;Hay Fever symptoms; Itching of Nose or… Read More »

Kirkland Signature Extra Strength Acetaminophen 500MG Caplets, 500-Count Bottle

Kirkland Signature Acetaminophen 500 mg contains no aspirin and is unlikely to cause the gastric irritation often associated with aspirin, naproxen sodium or ibuprofen. May be used by most persons with peptic ulcer For the temporary relief of minor aches and pains For the minor pain of arthritis For the pain of menstrual cramps and… Read More »

Kirkland Signature Acetaminophen Extra Strength 500mg Rapid Release Gelcap 400 count

Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer. Fast Release/Fast Relief. Contains no aspirin. Aspirin free. Unlikely to cause the gastric irritation often associated with aspirin, naproxen sodium and even ibuprofen. One 400 count bottle of extra strength 500 mg acetaminophen rapid release gels Contains 500 mg Acetaminophen in each caplet / Reduces fever Won’t irritate your stomach lining the… Read More »

Compare Stool Softener to Colace! – Kirkland Signature Stool Softener Docusate Sodium 100 Mg, (400 Softgels) in One Bottle – 59% discount

Docusate Sodium 100 mg. Sodium – 5 mg par gelule, FD&C Red #40, Gelatin, Polyethylene Glycol, Sorbitol. MAY ALSO CONTAIN: Citric Acid, D&C Yellow #10, FD&C Yellow #6, Glycerin, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Propylene Glycol, Purified Water. Compare Stool Softener to Colace! Kirkland laxative also have a stool-softener effect! Stool-Softener gently provides relief from constipation! Gently stimulates… Read More »