Ativan cod next day

By | 11.03.2018

ativan cod next day

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5 thoughts on “Ativan cod next day

  1. Dobrava

    this is a great med for panic disorders, it takes about 20 minutes to relax you. I took this med for 15 years 1 mil gram each day. after retiring, i started breaking my tablet in 4 pieces for about a month and came off the meds completely for a year. i had to start taking again about a month ago and this week i have start to break in 4's again, taking only when neede and it is working fine. this helps me not to become addicted. It is a very good drug and should be used wisley.

  2. Gregory

    It makes me very sleepy, but is very effective in calming my symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks.

  3. Moogukree

    Though I've rated this medication an 8 (when I first started taking it I would have rated it at 12!). I must caution ANY who use it to use it STRICTLY as directed by your

  4. Arashitaur

    Started having daily panic attacks. Went to ER was given Ativan everything cool. Was Rx'd .5mg once a day. felt ok after.Started having daily panic attacks for 6 months.Was able to sleep ok at night but wokeup with need to take drug. Then the need increased for more which I resisted. Finally found Psychiatrist for withdrawal.He started split dosages and zoloft. In 2 months I felt like a normal human being. No shaking or panic attacks.He said quitting on even this dosage could result in a seizure. He said some people are addicted and don't want to quit.

  5. Zologar

    I began taking Ativan about 2 1/2 years ago after a near mental breakdown. It greatly helps take the edge off of anxiety. I take .5 mg 2-3X day. It doesn't make me sleepy and relaxes me and keeps me from being so snappy and grumpy!! I was diagnosed with breast cancer summer of 2011 and it has continued to help with that anxiety. I am now CANCER-FREE, finished with treatment and living a great life again.

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