Cheap ativan cash on delivery

By | 06.11.2017

cheap ativan cash on delivery

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5 thoughts on “Cheap ativan cash on delivery

  1. Evelyn

    Effects are short-lived, but Ativan is great for acute panic episodes. On the downside of things tolerance builds quickly.

  2. Simon

    I have been taking lorazepam sine 2005 when my husband died in a car accident and my life was turned upside down. I couldn't sleep. At all! Tried ambien it was horrible. I began on .25 and now take 1 mg at night. Along with insomnia an anxiety disorder began and continues. Dr has tried al the SRI's which make me feel disconnected from life. Afraid to take lorazepam too much I suffered through extreme anxiety attacks thinking I could manage with breathing techniques and exercise. In my " toolbox" as the counselor calls it, sits my lorazepam as I struggled. Finally I decided to try .25 if anxiety was beginning. Cutting it off before it escalates allows me to live. Sometimes everyday sometimes only use it to sleep. Everyone is different. Addiction is something I was worried about. Not anymore. I can get through a day and go places and not be stuck on the side of the road doing breathing to try to manage. No real side effects except relaxed!

  3. Yozshull

    My husband takes this drug for anxiety due to cancer. When he is on it he walks around like a zombie. I believe he hallucinates and hears things. He asks me questions that I have no idea what he is talking about and the he gets mad at me because I don't understand. I can't stand to be around him when he is on these things. I think he takes too many, but he won't let me control them. I am afraid to go to sleep at night, I never know what I will wake up to. He is always breaking and spilling. I hate this drug.

  4. Akigis

    I have extreme anxity and Lorazepam has improved my quality of life over the last year.Now my doctor wants to take me off it as she is concerned about the long term affects.I take 2MG twice a day,as needed and I feel no side effects. I have read about the addictive effects and am worried about that my anxity will return when the doctor takes me off it.

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