Cod shipped ic ativan 2mg liquid

By | 16.09.2017

cod shipped ic ativan 2mg liquid

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Should: Cod shipped ic ativan 2mg liquid

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3 thoughts on “Cod shipped ic ativan 2mg liquid

  1. Mazujas

    I took this for anxiety for many years, and it worked well, but after 10 years of 3mg a day I went to doctor who told me how to taper off. This drug is highly addictive. You can no just stop taking it. I did not have an physical/emotional addiction to this like an addict.. but had to tabler down 1/4 tablet at a time. VERY VERY bad withdrawl if you don't step down very slowly. Keep in close contact with your Doctor. On the addict addictive side of this drug, it is terrible. Had close relative using this. She when off in rehab with them switching her to librium. then home cold turkey, then seizure then hospital, where they stepped her down slower with Librium again. WAY Over prescribed if they give you more than 20 WATCH OUT.

  2. Zulkijora

    Listen, this is a wonder and a nightmare at the same time. Well, only if you run out. I had vicious and brutal anxiety for 20-25 years and finally did something about it in '06. First, Lexapro. Disaster. Along came Ativan. It was like Santa and Jesus worked at a drug co. and made a wonder pill. My anxiety was gone. 1mg 3times aday, right off the bat. Things were great until you run out. This stuff will hook you fast and hard. You will tell yourself it is worth it, and it is, for a while. Had to move, new psych, got me off slowly. Whatever you do, get off slowly.., now I'm on this crappy Seroquel XR, I suppose it works but, too many side effects. If you can be responsible you should be ok. If not, be careful.

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